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Wizards vs. Kings final score: John Wall leads Washington to a big 113-97 comeback win

Just when you thought it was over, John Wall and Paul Pierce showed us that it isn't over until it's over. Wizards win!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Just when I thought that this game was about to be an unacceptable blowout, the Wizards made a big run in the second half when they put the foot on the gas and never let go. The end result is a 113-97 win.

Washington was down by as many as 21 points early in the third quarter after being down 64-46 at halftime. But in that period, they clamped down on defense, John Wall scored 15 points, and Paul Pierce added 12 more to turn that deficit around to an 85-84 game once those 12 minutes were up. Later on in the fourth quarter, the Wizards ultimately took the lead for the first time in that game, while the Kings looked hapless and never recovered.

DeMarcus Cousins scored 21 first half points and was dominant in the first half. However, he got rattled as the Wizards focused their defense more on him, and he ultimately fouled out of the game. Not before delivering some Chick Fil A sandwiches of course. Meanwhile, the Kings as a whole only made 4 of 19 shots, or 21.1% of their shots in that quarter, while the Wizards made 50% of their shots, which included four made three pointers.

Even though the Wizards blew out the Kings, I still have to say that the first half was disappointing. They never led in the first half and allowed Sacramento to make nearly 60% of all their shots. But fortunately, they were able to come around this time. I guess it doesn't hurt that the Kings also managed to give up a major lead away for the second consecutive night.

And some more quick notes:

  • Wall scored 31 points to lead all scorers and dished 12 assists.
  • In addition to all, five more Wizards players scored in double digits in the win (Paul Pierce, Marcin Gortat, Kevin Seraphin, Rasual Butler).
  • The Wizards made 13 three pointers in this game, a season high.
  • The Wizards now won three games in a row, all by double digits
  • This is the Wizards' 23rd #WIZ50 win of the season.

Anyways, that's enough from me. Let's celebrate this win. Perhaps the Wizards are finally turning a corner after a disastrous February.