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Terrance Knighton signing brings Kevin Durant closer to Washington

Washington continues their extended recruitment of Kevin Durant by signing bringing another person with Durant connections to the nation's capital.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

First, the Wizards brought in Kevin Durant's high school coach to join the Wizards coaching staff. Then, the Wizards brought on Kevin Durant's friend, Wale, to be the team's creative liaison. Now, it looks like the football team is getting in on the action.

Thursday evening, Washington reportedly signed Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton away from the Denver Broncos:

While Knighton should help add some much needed bulk to the team's defensive line, his biggest contribution to the city will be his influence in bringing Kevin Durant to the basketball team. Because, as it turns out, Knighton and Durant are good friends, according to the Denver Post:

"We instantly clicked, and for me, I'm not used to just clicking with someone that easily," Durant shared with The Denver Post. "So I could tell hew was a special person. Everything he's doing right now, he deserves it, so I'm happy for him."

Durant made his season debut this week, returning from a foot injury, giving patient fantasy owners an early holiday gift. The Broncos' defensive tackle often texts with the "Slim Reaper," and Knighton visited him in Oklahoma City last season, in which the two "played" one-on-one ( here's the video, it has a couple curse words).

Bravo, Scot McCloughan. You're already the best football general manager this city has seen in a long, long time.