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Temple on the mend from hamstring injury

Today's Wake-Up Call focuses on the recent injury to Garrett Temple, the team's positive outlook despite another injury, and the efficient play of Marcin Gortat as of late.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

1. Garrett Temple's hamstring is better than expected

Initially, Temple's timetable to recover from his strained hamstring was probably no less than two weeks and potentially could have even forced him to miss time in the postseason. But he felt much better yesterday as he and the team staff are hoping for a return sooner than later. Still, the injury could push the team to use their final roster spot.

2. Wizards staying positive

Despite losing a ton since the All Star break, Washington nevertheless remains positive that things will turn around. They've won three of their past five games and finally put a full four quarters together against the Charlotte Hornets. Tomorrow (Thursday) they'll face the Memphis Grizzlies. We'll see if the inspired play will continue and if those positive vibes will continue to be as strong as they are today.

3. How about you?

Are you feeling positive about the Wizards' current state? More than likely, you're not. But a dominating win is a dominating win and maybe seeing and feeling that sensation will bring this team back to playing the right kind of basketball. But the fans who have seen this movie all too often fear that a tough Grizzlies squad will put the team right back where it's found itself a lot recently -- in the loss column.

4. At least Marcin is back

It's safe to say Marcin Gortat was not the same player after the All Star break. He looked confused, constantly scratching his head, throwing his hands in the air, and complaining about not getting enough touches in the offense. Some of those were of his own doing, while others were team-related issues. Those woes seem to be behind the big man and he is beginning to show again who the real Polish Hammer is.

5. John Wall loves himself some Bojangles

It's not a trip to Carolina without some Bojangles.