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Adidas unveils new Cherry Blossom shoes for John Wall

For the second year in a row, John Wall is getting a special set of shoes for this year's Cherry Blossom Festival.

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You may remember last season John Wall got a special colorway for the Cherry Blossom Festival. This year, Adidas announced they'll be doing it again:

Spring has arrived and adidas is celebrating with the Florist City Collection for NBA All-Star point guards John Wall of the Washington Wizards and Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers. This year, the collection includes the J Wall 1 and D Lillard 1 signature basketball shoes which both feature floral print designs and colors commemorating the spring celebrations in their home cities.

Wall's Cherry Blossom edition J Wall 1 comes in time for fans to lace-up a pair for this year's Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. The cherry blossom print on the three-stripes, toe and tongue is contrasted with cherry trim and a white and grey upper designed to replicate the stone used in the monuments throughout the Nation's Capital.

Here's a look at what Wall's new shoes will look like:

John Wall Cherry Blossom Shoe 1

Wall Tongue Detail

John Wall Shoe Detail

The shoes are $115 and will be available on March 20 at and