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This new Washington Wizards dc Rising anthem is pretty catchy

The Wizards' success over the past year has led to several songs about the team. The latest, from Alan Cole, is a really good one.

Here are the lyrics to the song:


D, D, DC Rising. We on top get loud at Verizon.

Verse 1

Courtside at the phonebooth.
Fadeaways and stepbacks it's all cool.
Don't call the vet's old they just get it done.
We got that Georgetown press, no Iverson.
Otto Porter is the top flight lotto pick,
And we got a Butler serving three pointers off the bench.
In the post big men better not flinch
Nene & Gortat dunking on your defense.
Best point running in a league of stars
DCrising on the shoulders of Wall.
I'm Norman Reedus with a crossbow
I'm Bradley Beal when I step behind the arc though.
Dre Miller classic as a Thriller.
Off the boards, off the glass Humphries is the realist.
Pierce used to wear green, now he's red, white, and blue.
Several years later and they still can't handle the truth.

Verse 2
Courtside at the phonebooth.
Fadeaways and step backs, it's all cool.
So spiked out I could trip a referee
But it ain't no point because our defense is deadly.
Cheerleaders man steady shaking pompoms,
Crossovers - pick n' rolls man we the dabomb.
The Wiz kids man we get it done every night
DMV goes hard we up we'll put up a fight.
Can you feel the energy as you step in the area
Yo we got the city buzzing like Gilbert....Arenas.
But its a new era sorta like a fitted
The whole association can't do nothing with us.