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Wizards vs. Nets final score: Wiz Kids get an emotional 114-77 win over Brooklyn

The monkey is finally off their backs in epic fashion. Couldn't ask for a win to be any more dominant than this.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

What an emotional win. Over the past couple weeks, the Washington Wizards have hit a rough patch in their schedule and have lost five in a row. They faced a Brooklyn Nets team that won three straight. In past seasons, this would have probably spelled another loss.

This year, things are different, as the Wizards demoralized the Nets, 114 to 77. They never trailed in this game, by hitting the ground running by racing to an early 12-2 double digit lead with 8:35 left in the first quarter and never looked back. As the game went on, the Wizards were able to reach leads as high as 26 points in the second quarter, 30 points in the third, and 37 points in the fourth.

Hell, the final score was a 37-point win!

Even though Bradley Beal sat out due to a toe injury, virtually the entire Wizards lineup (minus Paul Pierce) had a consistent night. John Wall led all scorers with 17 points, dished 7 assists, and didn't have to play in the fourth quarter with the rest of the starters. Marcin Gortat finally seemed to be getting into a groove for the first time in a while. The bench erupted for 48 points, with Kevin Seraphin scoring 13 points and Kris Humphries almost getting another double double with 9 points and 11 rebounds.

In short, this win was the most complete game the Wizards played, start to finish for the season. Let's get to some takeaways.

The Four Factors Numbers show just how dominant the Wizards were tonight

Take a look at how the Wizards and Nets performed quarter by quarter, as well as for the game in each of the Four Factors:

Wizards Nets
1Q 54.35% 10.64% 33.33% 13.04% 42.86% 18.60% 27.27% 4.76%
2Q 65.00% 17.81% 42.86% 20.00% 24.00% 9.39% 47.37% 28.00%
3Q 56.52% 10.64% 45.45% 21.74% 41.18% 8.09% 0.00% 52.94%
4Q 47.62% 11.26% 36.36% 23.81% 42.86% 22.64% 12.50% 28.57%
Game 57.14% 12.44% 38.89% 15.58% 36.76% 14.06% 27.27% 26.47%

From start to finish, Washington dominated Brooklyn in effective field goal percentage. This is largely due to Washington's excellent three point shooting efficiency (9-of-20), while Brooklyn only made 4-of-18 of their long range shots.

in addition, they were able to keep their turnovers -- and their TOV% under control. Last but not least, their offensive rebounding percentage was considerably better than Brooklyn's, especially during the third quarter when the Nets couldn't get a single offensive board in those 12 minutes.

The Wizards didn't have a better FT/FGA factor than the Nets tonight, but their positive differentials in both eFG% and ORB% were the primarily drivers behind the win from a statistical sense. It isn't too often when a team can consistently outperform the competition like this from start to finish, so kudos to D.C. for that.

Washington was on point with their transition game and points off of turnovers

The Wizards scored 18 fast break points in the first half, while the Nets scored zippy. Those 18 points nearly account for Washington's 20 point advantage at the end of the first half when they led 58-38. They never scored another fast break point after that, but the game was a snoozer at that point.

In addition, the Wizards scored 19 points off of 15 Nets turnovers, while the Nets could only score 7 points off of 14 turnovers. This state also contributed to the loss.

Former Wizard Antawn Jamison gets treated to a big win

The former Captain is welcomed back to town after playing in Washington for over five seasons from 2004-2010. Watching this win has got to put nothing but a smile on his face. If you haven't already, check out his tribute video by clicking here.

Final Takeaways

It's a great thing to see that the Wizards clawed their way out of a five-game losing streak by having the kind of win they had. They host the Orlando Magic on Monday, so let's see if Washington can continue playing with the same type of intensity and efficiency like they did tonight.

Time to celebrate with pancakes for breakfast for Sunday brunch, as well as your 21st #WIZ50 order of discounted Papa John's Pizza!