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What happened to the Wizards?

Today's Wake-Up Call focuses on the Wizards' recent struggles, John Wall's propensity to take charges -- which is great in the moment -- and why that's potentially a bad thing for his long-term health.

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1. Something's up with the guys

I don't know why or what caused it, but the Wizards don't look anywhere near the same team they were a month ago. They've lost six of their last ten and despite Randy Wittman taking responsibility for the lack of fight in Monday night's loss to the Hornets, I had perfect seats behind the Wizards' bench to see him going ballistic during one of the fourth quarter timeouts.

There was no lack of energy-giving on his part.

Yet the team continued to play with the same lethargy as they had been playing with throughout the game.

2. Wizards drop third in a row, lose to Hornets, 92-88

As mentioned above, there wasn't much going in terms of energy against Charlotte. The Wizards trailed for the majority of the game and didn't threaten to take the lead, despite hanging within four points late. The guys looked sluggish and uninterested in cementing themselves as the better team, thus lost to the now 21-27 Hornets.

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3. John Wall needs to stop taking charges

We all love Wall, right? We all want him to continue to lead this team for years to come, right?

Then he needs to stop taking charges.

Taking charges is an important part of the game -- giving up your body for the greater good of the team. We know this because all coaches want their players to do it. But for an already-explosive and injury-prone player like Wall, taking less charges could mean more longevity.

And I prefer that above all else.

4. The Wizards are suddenly soft

This is the message Bradley Beal gave after the loss to Charlotte. That the Wizards are just soft. Neither he nor Wittman were sure as to why they've become this way, but let's just leave it like this:

The All Star Break can't come soon enough.

5. Hear from the team (if you don't mind listening to angry people)

John Wall

Kris Humphries

Marcin Gortat

Garrett Temple

Bradley Beal

Randy Wittman