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Everyone is chiming in on the Wizards' struggles

Today's Wake-Up Call takes a look at what different people are saying about the Wizards' losing streak and how they can right the ship.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Are the Wizards still motivated?

One would think so. The Wizards are still in the playoffs, despite dropping a few spots, and things can turn around even after a horrendous stretch like the one they're currently experiencing. Hopefully they do. For now, though, the team is playing seriously uninspired basketball and one must wonder if they're still motivated to play basketball the right way after all these losses.

2. Why is this happening to us?

Why, why, WHY?! We're definitely cursed. But if you actually want a serious, detailed explanation of why the Wizards are struggling so much, take a look at injuries, coaching, the roster composition for starters.

3. Kenny Smith talks to Comcast SportsNet about struggling Wizards

The Wizards have a lot of problems right now. According to Smith, a lack of ball movement and lack of player movement are good starts for where the team's on-court problems occur. Here's what else he has to say about the team.

4. Maybe the issues are more systemic

Andrew Sharp went at length on Grantland about the team's struggles. As always, Sharp delivers great analysis, but he really brings the sledgehammer here:

People keep asking, "What's wrong with the Wizards?" The answer is that all the shortsighted, lazy, and cheap tendencies that have defined this team for decades are now being exposed all at once. It's happening with Grunfeld's roster, and it's compounded by Wittman's coaching. The Wizards have been a step behind and playing catch-up ever since Arenas got hurt, and this year it's all catching up to them.

5. Beal injury update

If it were up to the 21-year old, he'd already be back on the court. But that's probably why this is the third time a stress reaction has occurred in his leg since he came into the NBA. The team staff is being smarter about his situation and it's highly unlikely he'll play tonight in Philadelphia.

5. Wizards face 76ers tonight

Will this be the one? Will the Wizards(33-25) finally snap their five-game losing streak and win a game? If there was ever a chance, it's tonight when they head to Philadelphia to face the 76ers (12-45).

Then again, the same was said before Wednesday night when they faced the Timberwolves...

Tip off is set for 7pm at the Wells Fargo Center. You can watch live on CSN+ or listen on 99.1 WNEW.