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Randy Wittman has fourth-best odds of not returning next season

Sportsbook Review has released new odds on which NBA coaches are most likely to not be back next season, and Randy Wittman is near the top of the list.

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The Wizards have lost five games in a row, lost 10 of their last 12 games and posted one of the worst offensive nights of basketball this season last night against the worst defense in the NBA. The team is visibly frustrated with the way they have been playing and the way the rotation has been going.

The owner even took to his blog this morning to show his dissatisfaction with the way the offense has been functioning, or rather, not functioning.

The spacing on the floor is not positive right now as we lacked some three point shooting options, and teams are defending us by stacking the paint. To be out scored by 20 points at the free throw line last night is really indicative of  how much we are struggling on the offensive end of the floor. In today's NBA, three point shooting and foul shots are so very vital, running the floor to get lay ups as the efficient 2 point shot is also key. We haven't been executing  those sets well; and our record of late is concerning to all.

This is not the first time this season the coach has been called out for subpar offensive play. CSN Washington's J. Michael reported the coaching staff was told to work on being more effective in end-of-quarter situations.

So, obviously, there is some dissatisfaction from up top there with the performance of the team. The big question here is will this enough for Wittman to lose his job? Well, the Vegas certainly think so.

Sportsbook review lists Wittman's odds of being fired at +1000--the highest return out of the four candidates most likely to be fired.

Here is the list of the other candidates along with Matthew Jordan's rationale behind Wittman's odds.

· Brian Shaw, Denver – Even Money

· Monty Williams, New Orleans - +400

· Scott Brooks, Oklahoma City - +700

· Randy Wittman, Washington - +1000

Wittman probably would have been canned last season if Washington hadn't won 44 games, the most under his tenure, and advanced one round in the playoffs. Now the pressure is on to reach another level, which would be the Eastern Conference Finals. The Wizards looked like one of the NBA's better teams at 31-15 in late January. However, the club is just 2-8 since then entering Tuesday. A first-round playoff flameout will, in my opinion, lead to a change with the Wizards.

With the way the Wizards are currently playing it's hard to argue against Jordan's point. The Wizards tasted success for the first time in a long time at the end of last season, but have hit the ground hard after the serious high. If things don't turn around soon, Wittman might end up being the scapegoat and some lucky guy is going to get a mean payoff.