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Video: Jamie Foxx talks about anything but the Washington Wizards

Even after a loss, you would think that Jamie Foxx would say something about the Wizards. But I guess not.

Comedian, Academy Award-winning actor and Grammy Award-winning singer Jamie Foxx spent this past week in Washington. D.C. which The Washington Post noted last Wednesday. In addition, Foxx also attended last Friday's Wizards debacle against the Cleveland Cavaliers and did an interview with Monumental Network's Jumoke Davis which is embedded above.

In a nearly five-minute video, you would expect that Davis would ask Foxx something about the Wizards, even after a loss (you learn that is the case at the 1:15 mark). Besides a thank you to Ted Leonsis for his hospitality, he never mentioned them at all.

Instead, we see Foxx talking more about his recent deal with Under Armour, where he was marketing Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry's new line of shoes (see video here), and mentioned that he is a Dallas Mavericks fan. The Curry commercial was also played that night, which was noted at the 40-second mark. He also mentioned some other entertainment projects he was working on, including an FBI show, and his thoughts on the Academy Awards which will be shown later Sunday. You can also see that Ted Leonsis dribbling some basketballs at around the 2:30 mark on to the end. Maybe he was trying to relieve some stress after a 38-point loss on national television.

The timing and the content of this video along with Leonsis' laugh with Foxx in the fourth quarter doesn't sit well with me at all.

I'm not saying that Leonsis doesn't have a right to laugh if Foxx says something funny, even during a blowout loss. And Foxx has a right to attend any Wizards game he wants, whether against the Cavaliers, Warriors (he won't be there) or anyone else.

But the Wizards, even considering Friday's loss aren't that meddling team still in search of a superstar. They already have one for God's sakes! Barring Under Armour telling Foxx NOT to give a mention about John Wall or the Wizards team -- which is unlikely -- I just don't get how or why the interview ended up being this way on a team-owned online content hub.

I just hope that Verizon Center doesn't play the Curry commercial this Tuesday when the Warriors come to town, but I'm not counting on it...