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NBA's Game Changers, and respective teams, will now face off on NBA TV

John Wall and Stephen Curry went at it during All-Star Weekend in the Battle of the Game Changers. Now, their respective teams will get the chance to go at each other on national TV, as their March 23rd showdown will now be televised on NBA TV.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In case the festivities of All-Star Weekend have already evaporated with your attention having turned to tonight's showdown with the Cleveland Cavaliers, two of the best guards in the NBA faced each other head-to-head on All-Star Saturday in the Mecca of Basketball, Madison Square Garden.

On behalf of Degree, I was invited to New York City to witness the showdown between John Wall and Stephen Curry, two of the NBA's rising superstars, in their Battle of the Game Changers. I was treated to great seats to watch the All Stars from both conference's practice along with the Wall vs. Curry event.

For another look at how the event came about, and a closer look into how it went down, check out the following video:

Wall came out victorious in the event, a unique idea to bring the two together and the first of its kind, on a shot that Curry has come to master as a part of his ever-expanding repertoire -- a crossover, step-back jumper. While the other shots didn't go so well for the two, with misses including blind-folded free throws and seated shots, Wall was able to finish Curry off -- and the battle -- with his winning jumper and come away victorious.

Today, the NBA has released an updated schedule for specific games during the final two months of the season and the two players will once again go at it on live television, as NBA TV has officially picked up the Golden State Warriors vs. Washington Wizards game on March 23rd.

With an NBA-best 42-9 record, the Warriors have quickly become a favorite to win the NBA Championship in Steve Kerr's first season in charge. The Wizards won the hearts of many fans during their postseason run last year and this matchup of two exciting teams with young core players should be a doozy.

Including tonight's game against the Cavs, the newly-added national TV game vs. Golden State gives the Wizards seven games of their 28 remaining that will be shown throughout the country.