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Video: Ernie Grunfeld discusses the Wizards' trade for Ramon Sessions

Ernie Grunfeld discusses the rationale for acquiring Ramon Sessions from the Sacramento Kings.

On Thursday, Wizards President of Basketball Operations Ernie Grunfeld gave a video interview to Monumental Network's Jumoke Davis regarding the trade for point guard Ramon Sessions from the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Andre Miller. The video is embedded above or you can click here.

As you might have expected, Grunfeld noted that while Miller's leadership and veteran experience were needed when he was traded to D.C. However, the roster needed to get a little younger, in particular at the point guard position. Sessions should help alleviate that concern. In addition, John Wall is not an inexperienced player anymore, so it's not like Sessions has to be on the roster for mentoring reasons like Miller was. He's on the roster to back Wall up, and also score points in a pinch.

Though this was not mentioned in the video, the Wizards are also likely banking that a change of scenery to a playoff team would boost Sessions' morale. Sometimes, that alone could make him more productive in the short term. Meanwhile, the Kings are currently 13th in the Western Conference with a 13-40 record at the All-Star Break. Therefore, the circumstances surrounding Session's arrival to D.C. somewhat mirror Miller's last season, minus his fallout with Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw.

I'm not sure if Sessions will suit up or play during Friday's nationally televised contest against the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, if he does, I would love to see him start out his Wizards tenure with a play like this below.