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Which Washington Wizards player likes free hotel slippers?

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Last week, the Wizards were in Phoenix for a Wednesday tilt with the Suns. If you happened to watch the game on ESPN, then you also know that everyone was also getting ready for the Super Bowl that was taking place in Arizona. This unusual path-crossing moment, led to an interesting observation that Peter King noted in his post-Super Bowl MMQB column:

The NBA teams stay in the Ritz Carlton Hotel north of downtown. On Thursday morning the Washington Wizards were checking out and heading home, and I noticed one of their players boarding the team bus wearing the free terrycloth Ritz Carlton slippers left by the bed. Must be comfy.

You'd think that as a professional NBA player, you'd be able to afford a variety of foot coverings to handle any situation. But apparently, that's not the case for every Wizard.

We'll probably never know who exactly decided to treat themselves to some free hotel slippers, but that won't stop us from trying to guess. Here's our rankings of who we think would be most likely to roll with a pair of hotel slippers, from most likely to least likely.


  1. Drew Gooden. If you saw a headline that said "Drew Gooden wears hotel slippers" you wouldn't even click because you'd be so nonplussed.
  2. Kevin Seraphin. Appreciation of the small things in life is one of the primary tenets of #kslife.
  3. Andre Miller. He seems like the frugal type that would hoard free shampoo at hotels. The only reason he's not higher is because he also seems like the type that would go all out for his own fancy, orthopedic slippers that improve circulation to his feet.
  4. Otto Porter. He's still fairly new to the NBA, and thus, he'd be one of the players most likely to still be impressed by free slippers.
  5. Garrett Temple. Everyone else above Garrett had viable reasons to take the slippers. Everyone below has reasons not to wear them. We put Garrett here because
  6. Bradley Beal. He's at that stage in his life where nothing free is cool to him. Once he has a kid he'll wisen up.
  7. Martell Webster. He's been known to get pedicures, so we doubt he'd risk getting his feet all fuzzy in a pair of hotel slippers.
  8. Marcin Gortat. He also seems like the pedicure type, and we doubt they have slippers his size at a hotel.
  9. Rasual Butler. He's too Hollywood to risk his cred in hotel slippers.
  10. DeJuan Blair. You can't release a mixtape and then go to hotels for free slippers.
  11. Paul Pierce. Pretty sure Peter King would have mentioned the Hall of Famer by name if he was stepping out in hotel slippers.
  12. Nene. Can't risk aggravating that plantar fasciitis in a pair of hotel slippers.
  13. Kris Humphries. If he had left a hotel wearing free slippers, TMZ would have reported it by now.
  14. John Wall. He won't let anything without an Adidas logo touch his feet.