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Wizards could turn to Bobby Brown instead of a trade, per report

In case they can't find a trade to their liking before the trade deadline, the Wizards could be looking at Bobby Brown out of China, according to a report.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

In case the front office can't net anything before the trade deadline, here's an outside-the-box backup plan they could pursue:

Brown signed a three-year deal with the Dongguan Leopards last season, but has an out-clause in his deal that allows him the freedom to play in the States at his choosing. According to Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, Brown "badly wants to play in the NBA," and even has a web series running on Youtube chronicling his journey back.

There's not much we know about Brown at this point. He's had several stints in the NBA, but the most recent one was back in 2010 playing for Toronto Raptors' Summer League team. He's a scorer by nature, averaging a cool 31.8 points per game in China this past season, but you probably know him best for his ridiculous 74 point outburst a year ago (one point shy of the CBA record).

I'm skeptical. He's already 30 years old, so Washington wouldn't be playing the long-game with him, but it's not like he presents them with a sure-fire upgrade over what they already have either. So unless their scouts have done their homework on him and know that he's what they need for this stretch run, I'm having a hard time finding the logic in bringing him over. He's not a prospect they can groom, and it's not like they have a system in place that caters to unexperienced talent.

They need someone who they, and more importantly Randy Wittman can trust. If it's a player from overseas they covet, it should be Will Bynum.