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Wizards could be targeting Ramon Sessions, per report

The Wizards have shown interest in Kings guard Ramon Sessions to fill their backup point guard needs ahead of the trade deadline.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With less than 24 hours to go before the trade deadline, it appears that the Wizards are doing their due diligence by scouring the entire league to find their new backup point guard. Per David Aldridge, it appears they've contacted the Sacramento Kings:

Sessions was signed back in late September through Sacramento's bi-annual exception, so like the Wizards' speculated pursuit of Norris Cole, they'd have to send back some salary (DeJuan Blair, perhaps) to execute the trade.

Anything more given up on the Wizards end would be foolish. Sessions is in the midst of his worst season to date, averaging career-low numbers across the board, including a putrid 34 percent from the field. His game has long been predicated on getting into the lane and making plays, but that's largely been absent this season as he's dealt with lingering back issues all season. The Kings are 13 points worse with him on the floor according to's stats page, which has led to a large contingent of Kings fans clamoring for playing time out of Ray McCallum.

Take this, from the excellent Sactown Royalty blog that covers the Kings for SBNation, that sums up the Sessions experience:

The Kings don't exactly need amazing things from their backup Point Guard.  They simply need that guy not to hurt them so much that it leaves the starters scrambling to make up the difference when they get back into the game. So far Sessions has not been working out and it's time to try something different.

Does that sound familiar at all?

This is not the answer to the bench problems. A change of scenery for Sessions could help, but it's unlikely that stops him from tossing up Eric Maynor-like floaters that bounce off the back of the rim, or better his efficiency from beyond the arc. Again, this is probably the front office gauging interest around the league, but there are better options out on the buyout market.