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Bullets Forever Podcast Episode 1: Previewing the 2nd Half of the Season

Mike and Akbar talk about the All-Star game and what the Wizards need to do going forward for the final 28 games of the year.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Surprise, surprise!

The Bullets Forever Podcast is a new thing we're trying on here as we believe that along with our writing and reporting, it is important for you guys to hear our voices and let us be able to articulate certain things about the Wizards that are more difficult to state in writing

We talk about the all-star game, the Wizards schedule going forward, Gortat's fourth quarter minutes and more in this 1st insatllment. Please give us any suggestions as to how we can improve going forward if you have them, and of course, please debate as you always do in the comments!

Here's the Soundcloud link: