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G-Wiz does his part to attract Mo'ne Davis and gets involved in the #KD2DC movement

G-Wiz stops at nothing to improve the long term future for D.C. sports teams.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

G-Wiz, the Washington Wizards' mascot traveled to New York City this past weekend to take part in NBA All-Star Weekend activities. While he still has some more work to do before Sunday, he has already done a lot to put Washington's best foot forward.

During Friday's NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Little League phenom pitcher Mo'ne Davis scored four points to help lead the West to a 59-51 win over the East. Sure, comedian Kevin Hart scored 15 points and was the "MVP." However, the 13-year old Davis made this spin move on the 35-year old Hart, which was easily the play of the game:

For G-Wiz however, his moment of fame came before the game started. During warmups, he gave her some words of encouragement, and we knew exactly what was being said:

Davis may be better known as an amazing pitcher to the average sports fan, but her favorite sport is basketball. After the 2014 Little League World Series ended, she attended a WNBA game between the Minnesota Lynx and Phoenix Mercury where she got to meet her favorite player, Minnesota superstar Maya Moore. But she's more than just a fan. Davis is a good basketball player in her own right, where she plays on her high school's varsity team as an eighth grader.

Like Moore not too long ago, Davis hopes to play at UConn for college, though there are some complications, because Huskies head coach Geno Auriemma's congratulatory call last summer was an NCAA violation. Monumental Sports is not a college however. With G-Wiz now involved in player recruiting activities, Davis will now be thinking about wearing a Mystics jersey in the year ... 2023 or so as opposed to a Lynx one. After all, Washington is relatively close to her hometown of Philadelphia.

G-Wiz's duties as Monumental's Chief Recruiting Officer didn't stop there though.

On Saturday at NBA All-Star practice, every player was announced, including John Wall of course. When Kevin Durant's name was announced, we saw the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar and D.C. native give G-Wiz a high five while walking past a bunch of other team mascots (Vine via Hoop District):

On the one hand, Durant pretty much had to high five G-Wiz. If he didn't, Wizards Twitter could erupt in a fire storm at worst, or maybe he'd look a bit insensitive at best.

But on the other hand, there's two sides to every story.

G-Wiz is the first mascot in line to get a high five from Durant, in an effort to make sure he was the very first mascot to get that opportunity. After they made their exchange, G-Wiz also gave some encouraging words to Durant as he walked past other mascots like Sir C.C. of the Cavaliers, and Slamson the Lion of the Kings.

The one mascot missing from that line? OKC's Rumble the Bison. He was nowhere in sight. I would have loved to see how he would have reacted to G-Wiz at that moment.