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The love/hate relationship with John Wall (but we love him)

Today's Wake-Up Call takes a look at John Wall's Twitter love from fellow players amid constant critiquing from NBA analysts. Also, it's time to assess Bradley Beal's All-Star worth.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

1. On Twitter, NBA players love John Wall...

Ladies and gentlemen, here are your top 5 most-followed people among NBA players:

1. @NBA, 2. @KingJames, 3. @KDTrey5, 4. @KevinHart4real, and 5. @JohnWall.

Yep, that's right. Our very own John Wall is a hit among his peers and apparently a must-follow on Twitter for them. How else would they know he's thankful for another day?

2. ...but NBA analysts aren't too fond of him

Why? I'm not so sure. He's just got something that they don't like. He left the University of Kentucky after one year and was characterized as a raw athlete. For whatever reason -- and maybe it's because he was incorrectly judged as a scoring point guard since college, with his game growing into a pass-first style when surrounded by a solid group of professional players -- he has been getting picked on by the national NBA media.

3. Bradley Beal's All-Star potential

He's 21 years old. He shoots over 43-percent from three-point range. He and Wall make up one of the NBA's brightest young backcourts. He's injury-prone.

Despite injury concerns, Beal has all the makings of a future All-Star, but will he grow into the player we all hope he will become?

4. Second-half fixes for the Wizards

The Wizards are lightyears ahead of where they were last year or any of the past nine years. Yet to be as successful as they'd like, they'll need to make some major changes as the second half of the season rolls around.

5. Get your Wizards gear

The Wizards have been rocking some very cool jerseys since Ted Leonsis made drastic changes a few years back. This season they added a new alternate blue jersey to add to their red road jerseys and white home ones. Wall's got a boatload of new color schemes for his new shoes and now will add a 2015 All-Star jersey to his collection.

You can do the same by adding to your collection of Wizards gear and supporting your home team in the process.