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John Wall appears to be on board with the Wizards pursuing Will Bynum

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Wizards waived Glen Rice Jr. back in January, there's been plenty of speculation about what the Wizards should do with their open roster spot. Ray Allen has been the most high-profile name mentioned and the one the Wizards appear to have dedicated most of their time to pursuing. But at the same time, as the season has gone on, the need for an extra shooter has diminished, thanks to emergence of Rasual Butler, while the need for another player who can penetrate has risen, thanks to decline of Andre Miller.

If you don't believe us, just take John Wall's word for it. When asked about what the Wizards could use off the bench after shootaround on Wednesday, here's what he had to say:

"I think somebody, another guy that can create off the bench. A guy that can create and put the ball on the floor and make plays for others. That's probably the only thing we're missing in the second unit. Andre's [Miller] probably the best player that suits itself for creating and making plays for somebody in the second unit. I think sometimes we just get stagnant."

Ray Allen doesn't fit the mold Wall just described, but Will Bynumwho the Wizards also reportedly expressed interest in, seems to fit all those criteria. Wall appears to agree with that sentiment based on what he said when asked about Bynum afterwards:

"I like his game, I like the things he can do. He can run the team, he can make shots, he can get into the paint. He just plays with the competitive nature I've seen playing against him when he was with the Pistons."

Hopefully Wizards management sees things the same way Wall does. While it would be nice to see Ray Allen tutor Bradley Beal and provide some extra shooting, he doesn't fix the Wizards' problems.

Will Bynum would, if nothing else, give the Wizards someone who would force opposing defenses to adjust to his drives. Sure, he might not be as skilled at moving the ball around as Andre Miller, but at least he can force opposing defenses to consider sending an extra man to cut off his penetration, which opens things up for others, even if he doesn't always find the open man. As of late, Miller just hasn't been able to get far enough inside most defenses to create good opportunities, and the offense has suffered because of it.

The Wizards still have to wait until Will Bynum wraps up his season with the Guangdong Tigers who finished the regular season with the league's best record and are currently up 2-1 on the Dongguan Leopards in the best of five quarterfinals. If the Tigers go all the way through to the CBA Finals, Bynum likely wouldn't be available to sign until March. But since Bynum hasn't played in the NBA this season, he can still sign after the March 1 deadline for waived players and be available for the Wizards in the playoffs.