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Wizards vs. Suns postgame video, links, roll call, and more

I didn't expect a win, but I'll take it!

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The Wizards made a late comeback, had some shenanigans, and beat the Phoenix Suns 109-106 on Friday. With the win, you get 50 percent off your pizza today from Papa John's with that handy dandy #WIZ50 code!

Let's get to some videos, links, roll call, and late breakfast food that you can have any time of the day.

Postgame video

Randy Wittman's postgame presser is embedded above. Here are videos from other Wizards' players last night via Monumental Network:


Here's the recap roundup from around the web:

In addition to the recaps, I have some more content to share with you.'s Tim Cato gave a summation on how the final seconds of Friday's game went. The person who was the most perplexed was Steve Buckhantz when Beal was called for fouling Brandon Knight on a three point shot attempt.

Jake Whitacre (yes, our #KD2DC reporting, NBA2K simulating, and cat video taping expert in residence) had our credential for Friday's game and wrote a story on the Wizards' use of small ball by necessity. Though the box score will show the game as a turnover fest, the Wizards also had little depth in the post. It allowed them to stretch their limits accordingly. And fortunately, we ended up on top. From Jake's piece:

After the game, it was apparent Washington enjoyed the unique challenges the game presented. No one would go as far as to say they prefer playing without big men, but it was clear they enjoyed being pushed to fill different roles. "It was fun," Bradley Beal said after the game. "We definitely miss our bigs but you know whenever it’s a matchup of guards it’s always fun. It’s who’s going to get the most rebounds, who’s going to want it the most because there’s no excuses about height or size because we’re all the same size. It’s just a matter of us having a will to win and we had it."

Roll Call

We had 59 users comment 958 times in our first halfsecond half, and postgame threads. qthaballa and Wall_Hopeful both commented over 100 times each for the game.

Here's how everyone did:

# Commenter # Comments
1 qthaballa 115
2 Wall_Hopeful 101
3 NatP 83
4 Hands11 58
5 elliotlevy2 57
6 Lossless 49
7 Rice2012 46
8 TilltheBitterEnd 46
9 WhyKnotUs 45
10 TheBackCourt 44
11 JW2BB3 44
12 PeDroDr 35
13 ovechkinsgoal 25
14 12AaronJones21 20
15 Newjamarcus 17
16 nesby8 16
17 goodtimes1999 16
18 ATrueNigerian 12
19 DCKRS 10
20 The Hoops Guru 10
21 Robert Flom 10
22 Big Spoon 9
23 GreatWallOfWizards 8
24 ChillVillain 6
25 Albert Lee 6
26 rvWizPH 6
27 Nolan Howell 5
28 Yeti60 5
29 SladeKillah 4
30 melody1951 4
31 BmoreBulletsFan 3
32 DCrez 3
33 BrendaTHaywood 3
34 WASwizardsfan671 3
35 ThatOneGuyCpr 2
36 Spicy_Curry425 2
37 yop32 2
38 DarrellWalkerFan 2
39 Chetho 2
40 LRJ 2
41 MisterWu 2
42 DCPerspective 2
43 Illmatic12 2
44 Destino 1
45 ddavisxx10 1
46 Umair K 1
47 BackScreenLob 1
48 Houseofguards 1
49 jzplayinggames 1
50 Bu11ets 1
51 CharGrayJ 1
52 Reeves_ 1
53 Nickdogggmoneycash 1
54 DCallday 1
55 djnnnou 1
56 Craig_ 1
57 awais87 1
58 John Wall Stan 1
59 Rook6980 1

Fun Comments of the Night

BackScreenLob posted this comment of a modified GIF of Bradley Beal as Redskins QB Kirk Cousins and John Wall as a PR man behind him. You know, the "YOU LIKE THAT" meme?

beal you like that john wall pr man

Here's another interesting comment stat I found between the first and second half threads. As of 1 p.m. ET on Saturday, December 5, 2015, there were no mentions of the word "panda" in the first half thread but 10 mentions of it in the second half. For those of you who are new to Bullets Forever-isms, "Panda" is one of Beal's nicknames - sue to his voracious appetite.

I assume that the lack of panda mentions were in part because Beal scored just 10 points on 3 of 8 shooting in the first half, but 24 points on 9 of 15 shooting in the second.

Speaking about pandas, there were a lot of kitten pics in the GameThreads last night. This comment combined the best of both worlds:

kittens and pandas

Pancake Spotlight: The Dutch Baby, an American pancake that really isn't Dutch

When the Wizards won, I've given preference toward focusing pancakes on various parts of the world except America. Part of that reason is because the Wizards fanbase is worldwide, especially in this day and age that we live in. But of course, there are also more pancakes out there than simple buttermilk ones that you can get at IHOP, Waffle House, or Miky D's.

The pancake that I've had this morning is the Dutch Baby pancake. Its originate from the Pennsylvania Dutch, a group of German settlers into the northern United States aback in the 1700's and are also claimed to have been introduced in Seattle off of the German pfannkuchen. They are thinner than buttermilk pancakes and are often filled with sugar or fruit. Take a look at this video on how make them via Food Wishes' YouTube channel:

So why are they called Dutch and not the Germans? After all, Dutch nationality refers to people from The Netherlands, (a/k/a Holland, one of two provinces in the country). As you can probably tell, the word Dutch sounds like "Deutsch," the word for German in German.

Ultimately. the word Dutch in this context is just a corruption for Deutsch, as opposed to a reference to those from the Netherlands (or perhaps Flemish people in Belgium), where they colonized what is now the New York City area back during colonial times as well. But this is a section on pancakes, not American, Dutch, or German history.

That's all I have on my pan. Enjoy your Saturday pancakes and pizza everyone.