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Top Stories of the Week: The highest of highs, the lowest of lows

Just when we thought things were improving, we came back down to earth. Or worse.

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Hey everyone, hope you had a good first week to December. Let's check out the top stories for the week!

The Wizards beat the Cavaliers on Tuesday, lose to the Lakers the following day

After losing four games in a row, the Wizards won 97-85 over the Cavaliers on Tuesday at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. They followed that up with a 108-104 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers at home. Argh.

Speaking about Wednesday's game, there were sooo many Kobe fans and John Wall's mom CRIED!

SB Nation shared this, and a Lakers fan tried to hug Kobe too -- even though he was quickly whisked away by security. Wow.

Erin Hawksworth, sports anchor for WJLA-TV in Arlington posted this on Twitter during the game on Tuesday:

I don't completely agree with Hawksworth's assessment because the ones booing Wall were the Lakers fans in attendance. But that is a problem, if not the problem altogether. Nick Bilka pointed that out today.

And it's really unfortunate that the franchise player's mom cried because the Verizon Center wasn't cheering for him.

AnyGiven wrote a FanPost on Thursday which I fronted that makes a case that D.C. area basketball fans are conditioned to believe that it has no superstars at all.

We have been trained to believe that the real NBA superstars are outside of DC. No one trained us to like Chris Webber and Juan Howard as much as RAY ALLEN and VINCE CARTER in the 90's and early 2000's.

If the ping balls dropped differently in the 2010 NBA Draft, we would not have John Wall on the team. Just imagine if were on the Brooklyn Nets or the Philadelphia 76ers. He would be seen as the King of New York City or the next Rocky Balboa in Philly. Assuming he had a similar trajectory, Washington DC fans would see him as a "real" NBA superstar. Wall is just not seen like that here because we were not trained to.

I certainly am sympathetic with many of his sentiments above.

A change in the frontcourt

On Monday, the Wizards signed Ryan Hollins but waived Martell Webster. I always liked Webster's presence on the team, though injuries hampered him in the last season and a half.

Alan Anderson gets close to season debut while Marcin Gortat leaves for a family emergency

Some good news on the roster: Alan Anderson started on-court activities on Wednesday. He should be playing in games later this month.

The bad news: Marcin Gortat learned on Wednesday that his mother is hospitalized. He will travel to Poland and will miss at least two games in the meantime.

We have a game today

The Phoenix Suns will play at Verizon Center at 7 p.m. tonight. You can read our preview by clicking here.

Enjoy your weeekends. Let's hope the Wizards can pull off a win tonight.