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John Wall wore Nike basketball shoes because of sprained foot

We now have a reason why the sneaker free agent wore a different brand of shoes Wednesday.

On Wednesday, John Wall wore Kobe 10 Nike Basketball shoes during the Wizards game against the Raptors. There was plenty of speculation on why he did so. We also added to it.

After the game, Jorge Castillo of The Washington Post asked him and learned that it wasn't because of fashion. It was because of a sprained left foot.

Castillo also asked if Wall would wear them again. From the piece.

"It depends," Wall said if he’s going to continue wearing the Nikes. "My foot was a little sore so we’re just trying to get some stuff situated and figured out. I could go back to my old ones or some other ones. We’ll figure it out. But my foot, where I had my foot sprain, started to get a little sore so I had to find something else."

Wall also answered this question at the two minute mark of his postgame video interview via Monumental Network. The video is linked here and embedded above.

The Wizards star is dealing with a number of injuries at the moment besides the sprained foot. They include a sprained MCL in his knee and a sprained right ankle. If the Wizards had more players available to play, it's possible that he may be resting.

But regardless, it's important that Wall uses equipment -- including shoes -- that minimize the chance of himself suffering a serious injury.