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The Best of Bullets Forever's 2015 Tweets: Staff Picks

Let's go through some of our best tweets that didn't quite make the analytics cut.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

You already saw what Tweets got the most retweets, clicks, and links in The Best of Bullets Forever's 2015 Tweets: The Analytics Edition. But with social media, sometimes the tweet that gets the most views isn't necessarily the most memorable.

So today, I'll share you some staff favorites that didn't make the analytics cut but are still memorable in their own right.

Bullets Forever Tweets

Unfortunately for basketball-starved Wizards fans, not all of the preseason games were televised. Thankfully, using Bullets Forever Advanced Technology, we were able to see this highlight from the October 17 game vs. the Bucks:

NBA2K has the audacity to say that Kyrie Irving is just as good as John Wall:

We all space out sometimes. Otto Porter chose exactly the wrong moment to turn into a human statue:

Can you guess whose feet these are?

Beautiful indeed:

Social Mentions

The Wizards' playoff sweep of the Raptors was perhaps the highlight of the entire 2014-2015 season and inspired many memorable memes from Wizards' fans. Our own Mike Sykes commissioned this one:

Earlier this month, Ted Leonsis subtweeted Nick Bilka's piece about Lakers' fans in the Verizon Center:

And earlier in the year, Leonsis also gave a shoutout to this piece on the Mystics' style of play:

Warriors do-it-all- forward Draymond Green reacted to Bria Hartley's crossover when we were handing out #WNBABALLOTS to every Mystics player in early July:

John Wall retweeted this commemoration to the late Flip Saunders that Albert Lee wrote:

The next several tweets are memorable because we were getting more exposure from Europe than here in the United States since it involved EuroBasket2015. As you know, Tomas Satoransky represented the Czech Republic and Marcin Gortat represented Poland in EuroBasket 2015. But we watched ALL THE GAMES anyway.

Of all the teams, the Netherlands' national basketball team surprised many. The Orange Lions defeated Georgia in their first group game. They also played competitively against Greece and all of their other opponents for that matter. Though didn't advance to the knockout rounds, the Dutch caught our eye while some other teams -- especially Russia -- disappointed.

Roger Leenders, a writer on Dutch basketball site DailyHoops.NL (site in Dutch) gave this shout out to us appreciating the Netherlands National Basketball Team for their stronger-than-expected performance:

Graag gedaan, Roger!

We now focus on the Netherlands' southern neighbor, Belgium. In group play, Belgium's highest moment in group play was when the Lions beat Lithuania in group play on a buzzer beater. The Lithuanians were ultimately the runner-up in the tournament, but at the time, they were slumping. As for the Belgium advanced to the knockout stage, where they lost to Greece.

Anyway, after the Belgians' win over Lithuania, we just HAD to ask one famous Belgian basketball player how she felt.

You never know in social media who's going to respond. Great to see that Emma Meesseman chatted with us!

What were some of your favorite Bullets Forever tweets/mentions of 2015? Share them in the comments below.