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John Wall takes shot at Kyrie Irving's All-Star vote total, calls process "a joke"

John Wall #NBAVOTE!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall is a man who takes pride in his craft. He's having an excellent December, averaging 22.8 points on 47.2 percent shooting and 11.8 assists a game. The Wizards are also on a four-game win streak, yet he finds himself fifth in 2016 All-Star Game voting returns among Eastern Conference backcourt players.

After Washington's 111-96 win over the Brooklyn Nets, Wall spoke with CSN Mid-Atlantic's J. Michael where he took exception to his All-Star vote total, and the process. From Michael's piece:

"It's a joke" Wall, who didn't make one mention of his strained right ligament in his knee, bruise on the same knee, high right ankle sprain and bone spur, told after his 15th double-double. "I played like horseshit the first month and a half but I still was averaging like 16 and eight. That's not bad numbers."

The emphasis in bold is mine because Wall is still playing at a very high level despite dealing with nagging injuries.

Wall was also dismissive about Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving's All-Star vote totals. Irving is second in vote totals among Eastern Conference backcourt players despite playing just three games this season. He missed the first part of the season due to a broken kneecap he suffered during the 2015 NBA Finals.

Let me just get to the money quote you're all waiting for. Again, from J. Michael's piece:

"I guess the the record. No offense Kyrie, he's played (three) games," Wall said. "If he was healthy he probably would be in that position because he'd be playing well. I can see him there because that's how talented he is."

Here's my take on NBA All-Star votes. The fans will vote for whoever they want and deserve the right to do so. I mean, Kobe Bryant leads ALL NBA players in voting by a large margin despite playing poorly for most of the season. But in Bryant's circumstance, he is a superstar who is playing his last NBA season. Irving, like Wall, has yet to reach his prime.

That said, I'm sympathetic with Wall's sentiment. But instead of going on a Wall vs. Irving rant, the best way to settle this All-Star voting problem is by voting. Click here to read on how to vote via social media, Google search or the NBA's website. And check our Facebook and Twitter accounts daily where there are many calls to action to vote for Wall and his teammates so they can represent the East in Toronto.