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Wizards vs. Nets postgame video, links, and roll call

Let's review the Wizards' big post-Christmas win.

The Wizards won their fourth game in a row on Saturday, 111-96. John Wall scored 22 points and dished 13 assists to add to his blossoming double-double total. Marcin Gortat led all scorers with 25 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists.

And how about Jarell Eddie, the former Virginia Tech star? In his NBA debut, he scored 12 points off the bench by making four of five three-pointers! It's one thing for a number one overall pick to score 12 points in his first game as a pro. But for a man who was playing in the D-League earlier this week, it's a big freaking deal.

Let's get to some links, roll call, and more.

Postgame video

Randy Wittman's presser is embedded above. Other players' videos are linked below:


Here's the recap roll:

For your viewing pleasure, we also have a highlight reel of Eddie's NBA debut!

Roll Call

As of 7 p.m. ET on Saturday, December 26, 59 users commented 649 times in our first halfsecond half, and postgame threads. Here's how you did.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Craig_ 65
2 Big Spoon 63
3 NatP 59
4 BEALiever 58
5 Bobby Marley 39
6 Illmatic12 33
7 TheBackCourt 26
8 Hypemaster 24
9 Hector12 22
10 novadada 21
11 John Wall Stan 21
12 izaballa 20
13 Wall_Hopeful 16
14 GreatWallOfWizards 15
15 MarTrey 14
16 wiz20 13
17 mdd1970 12
18 DCPerspective 10
19 .hambonejackson 10
20 rvWizPH 9
21 12AaronJones21 9
22 WarsawKen 8
23 oneiroi 8
24 Chetho 7
25 MeToo 5
26 murtd1 5
27 Knowledge92 4
28 DrJ6 4
29 elliotlevy2 4
30 richkam14 4
31 hotplate 4
32 KappakidToo 2
33 ThatOneGuyCpr 2
34 MisterWu 2
35 DCnhokies 2
36 jensrules 2
37 goodtimes1999 2
38 Rice2012 2
39 TruWizFan42 2
40 batmanwithprep 2
41 hlw 1
42 MC-Sneaks 1
43 RandyJuan 1
44 Efren Bailey (FRIZZ3L) 1
45 CourtJester 1
46 LA11 1
47 SmileyAllMighty 1
48 Jake Whitacre 1
49 ATrueNigerian 1
50 oakhillsteeze 1
51 17squall 1
52 notoriousreg 1
53 LaSooz 1
54 drizzle28 1
55 do.itch.big 1
56 Demj 1
57 jsuh0 1
58 Rook6980 1
59 WizardsFan 1

Notable Comments

I think this is the only comment we need.


Sunday Food Specials

The Wizards led 34-26 after the first quarter, so you will get a free Egg McMuffin with your McDonald's mobile app. You will also get 50 percent off your pizzas at Papa John's with an online order AND that nifty #WIZ50 code.

Pancake Spotlight: Poffertjes

It's kinda funny that I focused on a pancake from a Dutch-speaking country on Thursday, and we're focusing on another pancake from a Dutch-speaking country today, albeit in the "mother land."

So on this Sunday, we head to the Netherlands, a country that has a special connection with the USA, because it was the first country to recognize American independence in 1776. The Dutch also have major historical ties with the city the Wizards traveled to last night.

Once upon a time, New York City was called New Amsterdam when it was colonized by settlers from the Netherlands back in the 1600's. Though New Amsterdam was ultimately was ceded to the British in 1673 after the Third Anglo-Dutch War, there are many elements of Dutch culture that remain in New York City and surrounding areas, including:

  • Brooklyn, the place where the Wizards won their game! The borough is named after Breukelen, a city about 30 miles southeast of Amsterdam and near Utrecht, another major city in the Netherlands.
  • The New York Knickerbockers (yes, that's their full name) originates from a pant style Dutch settlers wore in the 1600's.
  • Harlem, a neighborhood in northern Manhattan is named after Haarlem, a northwest suburb of Amsterdam.
  • Nassau County, New York is named after the House of Nassau, which is the lineage the Dutch monarchy is from.
  • Rotterdam, New York is a suburb of Albany. It's named after ... Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands. I'm pretty sure all of you heard of Amsterdam but some of you may not be as familiar with Rotterdam. It holds the largest port in Europe, since the Rhine and Meuse Rivers end there. Unilever's HQ is also there. They make Dove soap and Good Humor ice cream among other things.
  • There's an Amsterdam in upstate too. I wonder what that place was named after...
Okay, I think you get it now. This ain't a damn American or European history and economics lesson -- though my college professors will be proud of me if they ever read this -- so I'll cut to the chase.

Poffertjes are small, fluffy pancakes. You need like six of them before you think you had one buttermilk. Anyway, you'll like this recipe and video.

That's all I have. See y'all Monday when the Wizards welcome The Truth back to town. Daddy and Mommy Hooper will also be there.