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Caron Butler poses for a picture with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins

John Wall had a career night during Monday's win over the Sacramento Kings. However, he doesn't harbor any grudges toward their players once the game's over.

Sometime after the game, we saw this picture featuring Wall, Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, and forward Caron Butler. It is a picture that bridges the Wizards' franchise player with one of their stars from the previous era and his college buddy:

@johnwall @boogiecousins #DMV#Vetlife#TuffJuice

A photo posted by Caron Butler (@caronbutler) on

As you may be aware, Butler helped lead the Wizards through three straight playoff appearances from 2006-2008, and he also earned two All-Star appearances along the way. He also was one of the sane minds in the team locker room during Gilbert Arenas' and Javaris Crittenton's locker room incident in 2009. Depending on whose version you believe, Butler may very well be the reason why that incident didn't get any worse.

We've definitely paid a great deal of attention to Arenas for the wrong reasons last week. So seeing this picture certainly makes us feel good about the Wizards in the pre-John Wall Era once again.

#ByeGilbert, and #HelloTuffJuice! We're glad that you were back in D.C. last night. Whenever you decide to hang 'em up, we also look forward to seeing you get recognized as one of the Wizards' greats of the 2000's!