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Alan Anderson's first shot as a Wizard was at Drake's place in rap history

Even though Alan Anderson hasn't played a game as a Washington Wizard, thanks to two offseason surgeries to address ankle issues, I like the guy. He hasn't had a chance to build camaraderie with the team on the floor, but he's already established himself as a vocal leader on the bench:

But it's not just about how he conducts himself on the court, Alan Anderson is also a vocal leader when it comes to defending the Wizards' place in the Eastern Conference hierarchy. On Saturday, Instagram user @getakat posted a picture of herself with Drake captioned "The GOAT of all Goats"

A photo posted by @getatkat on

Alan Anderson then responded in the comments by saying "don't get carried away sis. He's one of the best but DEFINITELY not the goat." Then, Drake responded to Anderson, posting "give it time [praying emoji]" in the same post.

Regardless of how you feel about Drake's spot in rap history, it's good to see Alan Anderson trying to keep Drake in place here. Even though the Raptors are playing well this season and recently beat the Wizards in Washington, it will take a lot more than that to erase the memories of the Wizards sweeping the Raptors out of the playoffs last spring. So until that happens, we approve of Wizards hopping into Instagram comments to keep the Raptors in their place.

(HT: Complex)