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Highlights from John Wall's 35 point, 10 assist performance against the Cavaliers

Last season, John Wall announced to the world he was going to have the best season of his career, with a 28 point, 7 assist, 6 rebound performance in the Wizards' first meeting against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was the game that showed the world could outshine the NBA's best on a given night. From there, Wall went on to earn a starting spot in the All-Star Game and all sorts of other accolades.

After a disastrous start to the 2015-16 campaign, Wall used the Wizards' first game against the Cavaliers to make a new statement: He's back. And when he's on, even the best team in the Eastern Conference can't slow him down.

Wall created some easy opportunities for himself thanks to five steals and used those turnovers to put the Cavaliers on their heels early in the game. From there, Wall was able to mix his jumper and his driving to give the Cavs fits all night long. But to be fair, it's hard for any defense to work when a player shoots like this:

Wall Cavs shotchart

We'll need more time to see if John Wall is out of the funk that caused the team's struggles early this season, but if he can get it clicking, the Wizards are just as dangerous as they were last season.