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Highlights from Kelly Oubre's career-high 18 point performance vs. the Spurs

So there's two ways to look at Kelly Oubre's performance against the Spurs last night:

OPTIMIST: Kelly Oubre put up a career performance against the Spurs, who are the best defensive team in the NBA this season, and if they can keep this performance up, one of the best in recent history. If Oubre can have a performance like he did on Wednesday night against them, he can do it against anyone.

PESSIMIST: Part of what makes the Spurs defense work so well is they know how funnel the ball to players who can't kill them. While Oubre did put up a career-high 18 points, it took him 15 shots to do it and put another player on the floor the Spurs could exploit on defense.

The truth is, of course, somewhere in the middle here. Oubre may have been fortunate to get some good looks against a Spurs' defense that wasn't committed to stopping him, but he also made some impressive plays with the opportunities he got and made shots over LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard.

In a season where there haven't been a lot of reasons for hope, Oubre's performance has been if nothing else, better than expected. While there may be some flaws to certain parts of his best performances, it certainly beats trying to find ways to justify bad outings.