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Wizards create a Home Alone trailer starring Kelly Oubre as Kevin McAllister

Every year, the Wizards make a video holiday card featuring the team's players doing something goofy. Last year, they opted for goofy sweater portraits with the Capitals. This year, they decided to take it a different direction, with the team making a spoof of Home Alone, starring Kelly Oubre as Kevin McAllister:

It's nice to see the Wizards do something fun away from the court, but this video isn't all harmless fun. Because as it turns out, the Wizards know someone who is a big fan of Home Alone. Allow Tom Friend to explain in this ESPN Profile:

The other players, most of whom were close to Durant's age of 20, followed his lead. He would have them over to his house, where they'd watch his favorite movies, "Home Alone" ("I like how he tricked them bad guys.") and "Twister" ("I like natural stuff, because it's all works of God."). He and the other players began competing every morning to see who could arrive at the facility first. "I've only seen one other player like Kevin lead as a rookie or second-year player," Brooks said, "and that was Magic Johnson. Kevin's boring. He's either home or in the gym. But it's a good boring."

Suddenly, the Thunder began to prosper. They won 20 of their final 30 games to finish 23-59, and every game Durant was begging Brooks to play him every minute.

When the coach wouldn't budge and removed him from a game late that year, Durant said, "Come on, Coach, let me play."

Durant has also shown his love for Home Alone franchise on Twitter:

So not only did the Wizards put together a fun little video, but they laid the foundation to film the sequel next year starring their biggest fan. Well done, Washington.