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Wizards vs. Pelicans postgame links, and roll call

One last look at Friday's game.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards lost on Friday, 107-105 to the Pelicans. Washington falls to 9-12 for the season. Though I'm disappointed in the loss, Bradley Beal's late scratch made things just a bit tougher for the good guys to pull it out.


Here's a recap roundup from both D.C. and New Orleans media:

One of the storylines of this game surrounded Kelly Oubre, who is from Louisiana. CSN Washington's J. Michael asked him about the opportunity to play at home last Thursday before the road trip began:

"I feel ecstatic about that. I haven't been home in a minute," Oubre, 19, said before the team departed Thursday. "To be going home for the first time in a while on a professional basketball team is something I've been dreaming about when I was living in New Orleans. It's something I used to work hard at in empty gyms. To finally go back and be on the main stage is pretty dope."

It's always nice to have a chance to play at home, but as you might expect, there will be a lot of friends and family who want tickets and other perks which can make it a burden.

Even though the Wizards played the Pelicans last night, perhaps the two teams could work together to facilitate a trade. Ben Mehic of FanSided's Wiz of Awes contemplated whether forward Ryan Anderson could be a trade possibility for Washington later this season. From his piece:

Anderson is currently averaging 18 points and 7 rebounds per game for the Pelicans.

As I previously mentioned, Anderson is in the final year of his contract. Since the Pelicans are essentially out of the playoff race, there’s a solid chance that the stretch four won’t return to New Orleans next year. Instead of letting him walk without getting anything in return, the Pelicans’ front office is looking to gauge interest in Anderson.

Given his ability to space the floor, score inside and rebound, Anderson would be a perfect fit in Washington. He thrived next to Dwight Howard, a pick-and-roll big man, in Orlando and would do the same along side Marcin Gortat. More importantly, he’d have the chance to play with John Wall, who’s arguably the best passing guard in the world.

Since Anderson is apparently on the market, he could be a good option on here, especially since he is on the last year of his contract. However, it won't be easy for Washington to acquire him -- and will he want to be in D.C. beyond 2016?

Roll Call

As of 11:50 p.m. ET on Friday, December 11, 2015, we had 61 users comment 769 times. Here's how you did:

# Commenter # Comments
1 BEALiever 67
2 wizardsfan2139 52
3 Wall_Hopeful 52
4 WhyKnotUs 49
5 Nolan Howell 47
6 JW2BB3 44
7 NatP 42
8 Durant 35
9 TheBackCourt 26
10 ChillVillain 25
11 abala 25
12 qthaballa 22
13 Max Zamphirescu 22
14 12AaronJones21 20
15 DowSize 18
16 obeast 16
17 Illmatic12 15
18 Rice2012 15
19 stevie 14
20 murtd1 12
21 John Wall Stan 12
22 Newjamarcus 11
23 Izzy.Bae 10
24 rvWizPH 9
25 The Hoops Guru 9
26 djnnnou 9
27 barito 8
28 LRJ 7
29 jayxelo 6
30 willbull 6
31 CharGrayJ 5
32 WizardsFan 5
33 Rook6980 5
34 Demj 4
35 KappakidToo 4
36 ThatOneGuyCpr 3
37 MisterWu 3
38 ThePGPhenomenon 3
39 Big Spoon 3
40 Efren Bailey (FRIZZ3L) 2
41 Hector12 2
42 Albert Lee 2
43 MeToo 2
44 DarrellWalkerFan 2
45 Krobify 2
46 yop32 2
47 Hands11 1
48 Perm 1
49 wync 1
50 TruWizFan42 1
51 goodtimes1999 1
52 Wizards Khalifa 1
53 DCallday 1
54 Knowledge92 1
55 elliotlevy2 1
56 notoriousreg 1
57 proghead33 1
58 Dragon Luffy 1
59 ATrueNigerian 1
60 oneiroi 1
61 mdd1970 1


Like J. Michael noted in his piece, our commenters also took notice of Oubre coming back home.


Also, with the loss -- and that #KD2DC talk looming -- some definitely call the 2015-16 season a "lame duck" year.

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See y'all tonight for another game.