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The Wizards wasted two of John Wall's best plays vs. the Rockets

John Wall continued his rampage through the month of December with a 26 point, 12 assist, 9 rebound performance on Wednesday night against the Rockets. Though it wasn't enough to top James Harden, Wall certainly live up to his star billing in the shootout.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't always be said for his teammates when they tried to convert the 21 assist opportunities he created. In fact, two of his best passes of the night were woefully underutilized. The first came late in the first half when Wall broke down the Rockets' defense and whipped this pass to Garrett Temple in the corner for a wide open three:

In the second half, Wall splashed some laundry detergent on James Harden and put him in the spin cycle before hitting Otto Porter with a perfect bounce pass off a backdoor cut to draw free throws:

While Otto Porter has been among the better players in the NBA in finishing around the rim this season, he completely lost it here when he drew contact with Marcus Thornton, and missed an opportunity for an and-one. Then he made things worse by only converting one of two free throws.

So on two possessions where John Wall did amazing work to create a chance at five points, if not six, the Wizards only scored one. In a six point loss, that matters.

Oh well. If you need a little pick me up, go enjoy the highlights from Wall's performance that actually counted.