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Bradley Beal held out of practice with bruised shoulder, questionable for Tuesday's game

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If you were expecting the worst after Bradley Beal was taken off the court after Saturday night's game, it looks like you can relax now. By all accounts, it looks like he avoided any major damage from his scary collisions with the Hawks:

Even if Beal has to miss a few games to get his shoulder right, this is still great news. Beal's emergence this season has been a big part of why the Wizards have been able to manage a .500 record in the early going, despite subpar performances on offense and defense in the early going.

Hopefully, this also helps dispel some of the notion that Beal is a "fragile" player. For as much as people like to bring up his injury history, most of the time he has missed has boiled down to two issues: The stress reactions in his legs and the one time he hurt his wrist during a preseason game, and even then he recovered quicker than most people expected. Perhaps this isn't just the year where Beal proves he deserves a max, but the one where he shows he's more durable than people think as well.