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Wizards vs. Hawks: The BF Community Roll Call and your best comments

What an ugly last two days. But your comments are still great as always.

Don't turn it over Brad!
Don't turn it over Brad!
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

So, the Wizards lost again by double digits. But as always, your comments are never losses. Let's review.

The stats

66 users commented 1,031 times in the first halfsecond half, and postgame threads. Congratulations to ChillVillain for leading all users with 82 comments!

Best comments of the first half

Otto Porter scored 13 of his career-high 23 points in the first half. I'm not going to single out one user, but these reactions certainly show just how far the man has come after a lackluster rookie season:

hawks 1st half

Best comment of the second half

ChillVillain told it how it is with John Wall's performance.

second half chillvillain

He's the face of the franchise and hasn't taken good care of the basketball. This must improve over the next several games.

Best comment of the postgame thread

KB5 gets props for this GIF of a waffle turning into an atomic explosion.

waffle explosion

I guess the waffle is the official food when the Wizards lose now.

Next steps

See y'all Tuesday when the Thunder come to town.