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Wizards vs. Celtics: The BF Community Roll Call and your best comments

The Wizards didn't win, but you do!

Both this referee and John Wall knew that Friday just wasn't the Wizards' night.
Both this referee and John Wall knew that Friday just wasn't the Wizards' night.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

That was ugly. 118-98, Wizards lose.

But they play again tonight, and we have a preview for that game against the Hawks. Even though you may want to forget yesterday ever happened, we still had GameThreads and data to sift through.

Bullets Forever community, you never lose in GameThreads.

The stats

72 users commented a total of 1,187 times on Friday's first halfsecond half, and postgame reaction threads.

Congratulations to BEALiever, who led the volume with 93 comments for the night.

Best comment of the first half

TiltheBitterEnd noted that the problem wasn't just the starters per se, the bench was just not on point tonight.

1st half comment

Like the last couple seasons, the Wizards' bench has been comprised of veterans who are often past their primes. When they play younger teams like the Celtics, things like this can happen.

Best comment of the second half

Knowledge92 put it succinctly in this take before the third quarter even started:


The Wizards were coming off an emotional high Wednesday after beating the Spurs. We were going crazy too. But sometimes that also means that the foot goes off the gas and a blowout is the end result.

Best comment of the reaction thread

elliotlevy2 kept things in perspective after the game was done.

elliotlevy2 after celtics game

Next steps

Keep commenting tonight, ladies and gents and go Wizards!