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Bradley Beal hints that he's fully embracing the Paul Pierce's closer role

After the BIG win on Wednesday, Bradley Beal casually appeared on Instagram for Throwback Thursday. Beal posted a telling photo of himself, Wall and Pierce in a group hug, laughing and cracking jokes.

Beal, a man of few words most of time, asked his followers this one question: "#tbt Caption this...Lol" and they obliged.

#tbt Caption this... Lol

A photo posted by Bradley Beal (@bradbeal3) on

Here are some of my favorite responses:

  • gmoney___baggs You know Paul you barely gonna see the court if you go play in LA right?
  • b_rad_z_23 "And after the swish you leave your hand in the air and CALL GAME!"
  • kamalnightlife Were the three best friends that anyone could have!!
  • Kentizzle Wall: "Yo truth teach this kid how to shoot haaa"
  • scottyboomz "Y'all gonna rock the headband when I leave riiiight?"

It's probably not a coincidence Beal posted this a day after hitting a Pierce-esque game-winning shot to beat the Spurs, and leading the Washington Post to declare "Bradley Beal is Wizards’ new Mr. Big Shot."

I don't know about you but I love this pic. Paul Pierce may no longer be a Washington Wizard, but the impact he had on the young Wizards backcourt will last as long as Beal continues to embrace his new role.