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Top stories of the week: Wizards get a huge win over the Spurs, Beal's strong start, and more

It's been a good week for Wizards fans.

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It's the first week of November, and we're finally getting a chance to watch a full week of Wizards basketball games that count! Let's go through the top stories:

The Wizards beat the San Antonio Spurs, 102-99 on Wednesday

Hello, Bradley Beal!

Check out our StoryStream for all of the excellent coverage that was provided. And to get to the recap, click here.

Randy Wittman is coming around as a head coach

Umair wrote up a summary on how Wittman has designed a number of great after-timeout plays in the young season. Sure, he may have been considered a weak head coach in the past, but let's give the man credit when it is due.

That said we aren't completely in the clear. There's still room for improvement.

Turnovers were an early season issue for the Wizards once the games counted, which I noted last weekend. Mike Sykes also added that the early returns on the starting lineup weren't great either. Yes, the Wizards won last Wednesday. But Washington still hasn't had a dominating start-to-finish win just yet.

The schedule in November's gonna be tough

Courtney gives us a preview of who's on tap in the next few weeks. The Boston Celtics are playing tonight and the Oklahoma City Thunder come to town next week. But there are a lot of playoff caliber teams as well. Considering that the Wizards have played in nail biter games all season long so far, the start of this season will be a challenge indeed.

Bradley Beal is playing like the superstar we need him to be, and it's okay that he doesn't have his sophomore extension just yet.

Jesus Gomez of SB Nation's national NBA team wrote this column how the Panda has improved statistically this season.

As you are all aware, Beal did not get his sophomore extension. Talks are put on hold until this summer. Don't worry, that puts a chip on Beal's shoulder. If he can stay healthy and play like this all season long, he'll get the money he's looking for in a Wizards uniform.

Nene's still effective force on defense

Quinten Rosborough wrote how the Big Brazilian is still making a positive impact for Washington even though he is declining.

That's all I have. Enjoy your weekends, and if you want to play some fantasy basketball -- and perhaps win some money -- here's a link to FanDuel for you to sign up. And of course, if there's another link you have, feel free to share it in the comments or in a FanPost.