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Wizards vs. Spurs: The BF Community Roll Call, best comments, and pancake spotlight

While you eat your cheap pizza, let's revisit how things went during the Wizards' biggest win this season. So far.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards beat the Spurs, 102-99 thanks to this shot by Bradley Beal:

Let's look at the best comments from Wednesday's emotional roller coaster.

The Stats

We had 93 users comment a total of 888 times in the first halfsecond half, and postgame celebration threads. Our comment numbers were a bit low during the middle of the game, but we came back strong when the Wizards came back in the end to save the day.

Congratulations to Big Spoon and Rice2012 who were co-leaders with comment volume with 61 comments each!

Best comment of the first half

Big Spoon had a prophetic comment. It's the runaway winner, no pun intended:

1st half comment

Best comment of the second half

After Beal made his game winning dagger, I knew someone was going to write an "I Called Game" comment, in reference to Paul Pierce's dagger in Game 3 of the playoffs vs. the Atlanta Hawks last season.

NatP gets credit for using that reference. Further down the comment chain, MisterWu also shows Pierce who appears to be passing his wisdom down to Bao Bao.

2nd half comment

Best comment of the celebration thread

ThatOneGuyCpr has some pancakes with a fitting slogan when we went bonkers over Beal's latest performance:

celebration comment

Pancake Spotlight: The Naleśniki

According to our latest pancake poll, you wanted me to focus my next pancake spotlight in the United States when the Wizards win. I will get to more American types later this month. But among the international regions, the most votes went to Eastern Europe.

I present to you, the naleśniki (nah-lesh-nee-kee) from Poland!

The naleśniki is a pancake that is usually served thin like a crêpe. They are generally rolled, filled with cottage cheese but can also be served filled with jam or fruit.

Here is a recipe from on how to make cottage cheese filled naleśniki. For those of you who need a video, watch this YouTube video made by the Tauranaga Regional Multicultural Council in New Zealand:

I know Marcin Gortat loves Chick-fil-A any time of day, but he's probably celebrating this big win with some old fashioned home cookin' this morning. :)

Which pancake do you want me to spotlight next time?

I will get back to an American pancake later in November, but want to focus on some other world regions. Poll's below. Voting ends on Friday, November 6 at 6:30 p.m. Enjoy your pizza and pancakes, naleśnikis or otherwise on this joyous Thursday!