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Wizards waiving Martell Webster to make way for Ryan Hollins signing, according to report

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the Ryan Hollins' time in Washington will mean the end of Martell Webster's time as a Wizard, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports.

The Wizards were at the 15 player roster maximum, so they needed to release someone in order to make room for Ryan Hollins on the roster. Even though the Wizards were granted a Disabled Player Exception to compensate for Webster's injury, they still needed to clear a roster spot to make the move. It appears Webster, who was recently ruled out for the season after undergoing hip surgery, will be the player who gets moved to make the deal happen.

Washington will be on the hook to pay all of Webster's salary for this season, as well as the guaranteed portion of next year's salary, worth $2.5 million. But they do have two options for how they can pay out what's left of Webster's salary:

  1. They can use the stretch provision to spread out Webster's cap hit over three seasons, which would give them extra flexibility this summer to pursue free agents.
  2. They can waive him outright and not have to worry about Webster affecting their plans beyond 2016-17.

Technically, they could also buy Webster out, but there's no advantage for Webster to settle for less than what he's owed since he won't be able to suit up this season, so that's not going to happen.

Unfortunately, this was a necessary move with the Wizards' injury issues in the frontcourt. Washington needed another big man, and Webster was just dead weight on the team's roster after surgery. That said, we're going to miss Webster. He had some great moments as a Wizard, was a great locker room presence and just a fun guy to have around. He also was very gracious in giving us an opportunity to do a feature with him about his music project and how his life influenced his music. We'll miss him.