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Antawn Jamison joins Comcast SportsNet's Wizards broadcasting team

Welcome back to D.C., Tawn.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

On Monday, CSN Mid Atlantic's J.P. Finlay confirmed Dan Steinberg's report and announced that former Wizards All-Star forward Antawn Jamison will join the network's broadcasting staff. Jamison played for the Wizards from 2004-2010 where he was part of four consecutive playoff teams including the 2005 team that made the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Jamison will work a duo role as a studio and in-game analyst. In the studio, he will work alongside current hosts Frank Hanrahan, Tony Massenburg, and Ron Thompson. For games, he will be alongside play-by-play announcer Steve Buckhantz and color analyst Phil Chenier.

Before the 2015-16 season, Jamison worked as an in-studio analyst for Time Warner Cable SportsNet for the Los Angeles Lakers' ins-studio coverage.

In the release, Jamison stated that he is looking forward to returning to Washington saying that "best moments as a professional athlete, occurred when I was in the D.C. area."

He also acknowledged disappointment about the circumstances -- most notably around the guns in the locker room incident -- surrounding his departure in 2010 when he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On that issue, he said "If I could go back and just find a way to talk to [Gilbert Arenas] or whoever it was to try to keep those outside distractions out. I think that was the biggest problem that we had."

CSN certainly has had a number of talented reports and analysts over the years. But I'm particularly pleased with this announcement since we now get to see a former player from a relatively recent era give his analysis on the team.