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A quick reminder of why Steve Buckhantz is a great play-by-play man

During Saturday's Wizards-Knicks game, you may have missed Wizards' play-by-play announcer Steve Buckhantz make a very sly comment after John Wall was called for traveling:

If you can't listen, he said, "There's only one player in the league that gets away with that, and it's not John Wall."

To understand the context, you have to go back to the heyday of the Wizards-Cavaliers rivalry. Referees had a tendency to look the other way when LeBron would take an extra step or two to the basket. The most famous and egregious example came in Game 3 of their 2006 playoff series, when LeBron James sealed a victory with this move:

After all these years, Steve Buckhantz is still salty about LeBron's preferential treatment in those playoff series, and lets it show in a game James isn't even involved in directly. It's the little things like this that should you remind you of why Steve Buckhantz is so good at what he does.

In an announcing profession filled with unabashed homers who drag down the quality of the game with effusive praise of the team they're covering and those who suck the joy out of games by pretending they're objective, Buckhantz strikes the right balance. He calls the games balanced enough so that if your friend who roots for the other team is watching, they won't get annoyed, but gives the hometown fans just enough passion to show he cares.

Don't ever change, Steve Buckhantz.