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FanDuel: Which expensive superstars should I play on Black Friday?

In the NBA, it's no accident that teams with superstars win titles. Though you can only have so many superstars in one-day fantasy basketball lineups, it is still a good idea to balance out "bang for your buck" players with proven talents.

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Also, even though this is a sponsored post with affiliate links, all of the opinions in this post are my own. And as an FYI, FanDuel gave me some cash to play its daily fantasy games.

In one-day fantasy basketball, you don't have to draft players in a round robin format. Therefore, you can pick anyone within the $60,000 salary cap you have.

We have talked plenty over the last several weeks about "bang for your buck" players who will produce a solid 20 to 30 points a night despite not costing you above the league salary of $6,666 each. Now, let's take a look at the ten most expensive players, and I'll tell you if I think he's worth taking a chance on.

Friday's ten most expensive players

Position First Name Last Name FPPG Played Salary Salary/FPP* Game Team Opponent Injury Indicator Injury Details
PG Russell Westbrook 53.5 16 $11,600 $216.82 DET@OKC OKC DET
PF Anthony Davis 44.1 12 $11,100 $251.70 NO@LAC NO LAC
PG Stephen Curry 49.1 16 $10,900 $222.00 GS@PHO GS PHO
C DeMarcus Cousins 46.4 10 $10,600 $228.45 MIN@SAC SAC MIN O Back
SG James Harden 47 15 $10,400 $221.28 PHI@HOU HOU PHI
SF Kevin Durant 43.4 10 $10,200 $235.02 DET@OKC OKC DET
SF LeBron James 45.1 15 $10,100 $223.95 CLE@CHA CLE CHA
SF Paul George 43.2 14 $9,900 $229.17 CHI@IND IND CHI
C Andre Drummond 45 15 $9,600 $213.33 DET@OKC DET OKC
PF Blake Griffin 43.1 15 $9,200 $213.46 NO@LAC LAC NO

*This stat is calculated by dividng the salary over FPPG.

Now, I'll go through a quick synopsis on whether each player is worth putting in the lineup or not.

Russell Westbrook - Westbrook has the highest FPPG stats and each point only costs you an average of $216.82.  I am a bit weary about whether he will score over 50 FPP because the Thunder will be playing the Pistons, but Westbrook is a safe bet for at least 40 FPP when he plays over 33 minutes a game. Even with Kevin Durant back, Westbrook is still the real deal. Pick him or Stephen Curry as your star point guard.

Anthony Davis - The Brow is a great player, and he's a good pick in a traditional fantasy league. But he is the most expensive player based on Salary/FPP. Pass.

Stephen Curry - Curry's FPPG average has dropped a little, but like Westbrook, he's a safe bet to get 40 fantasy points when he doesn't have to sit a fourth quarter because the Warriors are feeling sorry for their lowly opponents. Pick him or Russell Westbrook as your star point guard.

DeMarcus Cousins - The Kings center missed Wednesday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks due to a back injury. Even though I am looking forward to a matchup between him and Karl Anthony-Towns in Friday's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, I'm always weary about injured players' stats in a one-time fantasy lineup. Pass.

James Harden - The man with the NBA's most famous beard has scored at least 38 fantasy points in nine of his last ten games, including a 78.1 point outburst on November 18 against the Portland Trail Blazers. Normally, Harden wouldn't be a bad choice to pick as a star on your lineup, but the Rockets are playing the 0-16 Philadelphia 76ers. Good chance Houston puts this away at halftime and Harden won't have to play much in the second half, which means lower numbers. Pass.

Kevin Durant - After missing six games due to a hamstring injury he suffered on November 10 against the Wizards on the road, the Thunder's franchise player has averaged 44.7 FPPG in the two games since his return and should be a safe bet to give you 40 or more points on Black Friday. Play him if you really can't stand the next guy I'm talking about.

LeBron James - The King has scored 37 or more fantasy points in each of his last ten games. He is the equivalent of an insurance policy in fantasy basketball. If you're weary about Durant, are still super pissed about Paul George's performance on Tuesday, and can overlook the fact that James plays for the Cavaliers, he's definitely a guy you should pick.

Paul George - PG-13 scored 55.6 fantasy points against the Wizards on Tuesday. But in his last ten games, George's best performance in fantasy was on November 6 against the Miami Heat. Like James, George has scored at least 37 fantasy points in each of his last ten games and is a solid insurance policy to give you points at the position. You can only play two of Durant, James, and George, but again, he's a player you should pick once you resolve your thoughts about Durant and James.

Andre Drummond - He is the best center on this list not named DeMarcus Cousins and he's healthy. In addition, Drummond scored at least 29 fantasy points in each of his last ten games. His salary per fantasy point produced is also the lowest on this lists. If you're dishing big money on a center, Drummond is a must pick.

Blake Griffin - The Clippers power forward has scored at least 36 fantasy points when he has played at least 33 minutes in a game and he's not expensive based on his salary/FPP. The Clippers will also play the Pelicans who have won three straight after a slow start so there's a good chance he will contribute in multiple ways whether it's scoring, rebounding, or assisting. Pick him.