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Wizards vs. Pacers postgame videos, stats and roll call

Here's one last look at Tuesday's game before we talk about Wednesday's game against the Charlotte Hornets.

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The Wizards lost to the Pacers, 123-106 on Tuesday night thanks to a barrage of three-pointers from Paul George and C.J. Miles. Gary Neal led all Washington scorers with 23 points on 8 of 14 shooting. He also made five of eight three pointers.

Let's get to some videos, other links, and the roll call from yesterday.

Postgame Videos

Randy Wittman's postgame press conference is embedded above. The key point he said was that sometimes the NBA is a "make-miss" league, which sums up what I thought about George's and Miles' performance. You just have to tip your hat off to it since two players -- even great shooters -- won't make 15 threes at a rate over 80 percent often.

Below are links to other players via Monumental Network:

Other Recaps and links

Here are some other recaps from around the web:

Also, check out this Q&A Truth About It's Kyle Weidie had with Pacers head coach Frank Vogel after the game. The conversation regarding lineup data. The Pacers -- like the Wizards -- have made some significant changes to their offensive lineup philosophies.

When asked about how often he looks at lineup data and combinations, Vogel responded that lineup data is something he peruses often:

I do look at it everyday, after every game I should say. And then over each five games we’ll get a report, each 10 games we’ll get a report, and we’ll keep studying it.

It's early in the season, but examining lineup combinations certainly may have played a factor as to why the Pacers have the 10th best offensive and third best defensive team ratings in the NBA, per Basketball-Reference.

Also, more data can often help people make better decisions. After losing their first three games of the season, the Pacers have won nine of their last 11 games, including last night in Washington.

Key numbers from Tuesday's game

The Pacers' three-point shooting - Indiana made 19 of 26 threes last night which was easily a season high. After the game, George gave a new nickname for himself and Miles, kinda:

I wouldn't call them the Splash Brothers of the East just yet, but to their credit, they earned that title on Tuesday.

John Wall's Turnovers - John Wall has been a turnover machine, where he has averaged a career-high 4.5 turnovers per game in 11 contest so far this season.

Sure, part of the reason why Wall averages a lot of turnovers is because he holds the ball a lot, but his usage rating has stayed relatively constant from 26.1 percent last season to 27.2 percent this season. But his turnover percentage has gone up considerably from 18.7 to 21.8 percent this season per Basketball-Reference.

In the Wizards' 11 games this season, Wall has dished five or more turnovers in six of them. He has also turned the ball over eight times twice this season including last night, seven during the loss to the Hawks on November 7m and six turnovers during the Wizards' season opener against the Magic.

Wall was asked about his turnovers and he had this response.

I wouldn't question Wall's resolve to play through pain. But either way, he has to get the team to play more efficient on offense.

Jared Dudley's impact in the first half - Akbar made a case that Dudley should start before yesterday's game. And in Dudley-esque fashion, he is continuing to make that case stronger when he came off the bench. Dudley made an immediate impact in the first half where he scored three points and dished two assists.

His plus/minus rating was at +12 in the first half which helped Washington get to a seven-point lead at one point in the second quarter. That rating for the half was higher than every Wizards starter, and second highest on the team. Ramon Sessions had a +13 in the first half.

Gary Neal has a strong scoring night - Neal scored a season-high 23 points on Tuesday, but it wasn't all in garbage time. 13 of those points were in the first half, all in the second quarter.

Roll Call

56 users commented 879 times in our first half, second half, and postgame threads. Rice2012 led all commenters with 80 comments.

Here are the stats from last night so you can see how many times you chipped in:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Rice2012 80
2 NatP 69
3 elliotlevy2 62
4 Wall_Hopeful 51
5 WhyKnotUs 39
6 notoriousreg 39
7 DowSize 34
8 Big Spoon 34
9 TheBackCourt 33
10 Hands11 31
11 JW2BB3 31
12 12AaronJones21 29
13 Craig_ 29
14 novadada 28
15 PeDroDr 27
16 CharGrayJ 20
17 Illmatic12 18
18 wiz20 18
19 GreatWallOfWizards 16
20 izaballa 15
21 Gators2015_BB3 14
22 Banode 14
23 Bullets Fever 12
24 Durant 10
25 MisterWu 10
26 pcakes00 9
27 DCallday 8
28 Hector12 8
29 The Hoops Guru 7
30 abala 7
31 DCPerspective 6
32 Wiz-kid 5
33 .hambonejackson 5
34 Edu_duda_dudu 5
35 TheGoodyShop 5
36 Quick Ain't Fair 5
37 faulcon 4
38 jeffco01 4
39 rintintinsoldier 4
40 Demj 4
41 rvWizPH 4
42 wync 3
43 LeHalfrican 3
44 DCrez 2
45 MarTrey 2
46 PhenomenalSwag 2
47 MeToo 2
48 D.C. sports fan in SoCal 2
49 t0Shihiro 2
50 Albert Lee 2
51 oakhillsteeze 1
52 TerpsDMV3 1
53 season ticket holder 417 1
54 ThatOneGuyCpr 1
55 imperialme 1
56 Im_So_DC 1

Comments that sum up Tuesday's game

What Zach Harper said about the Wizards' three point defense below is true -- and their defense is a concern:

but again, I don't think that this one game is indicative of how the Wizards' three-point defense will perform all year.

comment 1

Where do we go from here?

The good news about yesterday's loss is that we won't have to dwell on it for very long. The Wizards face the Charlotte Hornets tonight at 7 p.m. which you can watch on Comcast SportsNet Plus.