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Wizards vs. Pacers postgame thread: PG-13 drops 40, Washington loses, 123-106

I don't think many Wizards fans have PG-13 language after witnessing tonight's game.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers beat the Wizards 123-106 after allowing Indiana to make 19 threes out of 26 attempts. That is a rate of 73.1 percent.

Paul George scored 40 points, and made seven of his eight three pointers like this effortlessly:

and this too:

C.J. Miles also added 32 more points where he made eight out of nine threes.

Statistically, Washington didn't have a bad shooting night, where they made 13 of 33 threes at a more than respectable 39.4 percent rate. But it just won't matter when the Pacers made nearly 20 threes tonight at a Godly rate.

Recap's comin' shortly.