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Bradley Beal returns to practice, could play against Detroit on Saturday

After missing the last 3 games due to shoulder injury, Bradley Beal is back on the practice court and hopes to suit up against Detroit Pistons, Saturday night.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

WASHINGTON - Bradley Beal has missed the last three Wizards game due to a mild shoulder injury suffered in the Wizards blowout lost against the Atlanta Hawks on November 16, 2015.  Beal practiced full speed in practice today and could suit against the Pistons tomorrow.

Though the initial injury itself was diagnosed as a shoulder bruise, it was a lot more serious than that:

The severity of it.  I have a lot of muscle tightness in my neck and back and the shoulder to and its all connected into one. That's what was really holding me out for a long time.  And on top of that being able to take a hit and be okay with it.  Letting my body calm down a little bit.

So, that leaves only one question in the minds of Wizards fans everywhere, will he play tomorrow?  It's looks 75/25 from where I am sitting.  What I do know is that if he plays tomorrow he will go all in 100% nobody can guard me Bradley Beal style:

"I want to play.  I had a good practice today. I just have to see how I recoup tomorrow.  Go through shootaround and see how I feel before the game and go from there.

Here's video of Beal getting up shots at the end of practice: