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Top Stories of the Week: Wizards regain momentum, Webster's injury, and more

It's been a good week in Wizards land. Let's review!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? That means in seven days, it will be Black Friday. You know, that day when you shop til you drop for the holiday shopping season? Time flies.

With that said, let's get to our top stories for this week.

Wizards beat the Bucks on Tuesday, face the Pistons on Saturday

The Wizards destroyed the Bucks 115-86 last Tuesday to get them to a 5-4 record and their first blowout of the year. Check out our StoryStream for cradle to grave coverage.

The Wizards will face the Pistons on the road Saturday before returning to Verizon Center on Tuesday to face the Pacers.

Martell Webster has surgery, will be out for four to six months

The oft-injured swingman tried to play through the pain of a partially torn labrum during the preseason. However, it wasn't enough as he will opt for surgery which will keep him out, most likely for the rest of the regular season.

Jake has more analysis on it here. In addition, check out the players who the Wizards could be targeting should they use the disabled player exception.

Bradley Beal is still injured, but is getting closer to returning

There is no breaking news story per se, but since suffering a stinger a week and a half ago against the Atlanta Hawks, Beal has missed three consecutive games despite the fact that he was listed as questionable/probable. That said, he did practice a bit on Thursday per Jorge Castillo of The Washington Post.

John Wall wins the NBA's Community Assist award for October 2015

Remember that Wall missed a preseason game in October in order to raise money for cancer and his late friend Miyah? Those efforts and more have earned him a league-wide honor for helping others off the court.

Wall sings the Undertaker's entrance music

WWE wrestler Mark William Calaway a/k/a "The Undertaker" has been entertaining fans for 25 years. If you're one of our younger readers, he's been in the rings since before you were born!

You can see John Wall sing along to his entrance music at the 1:15 mark along with other celebrities like Jon Stewart, other NBA players like Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen of the Miami Heat, and a variety of other WWE wrestlers.

The Undertaker is the longest tenured wrestler in WWE, so he definitely deserves props for his career from being the scary guy at the grave ... to his biker era in the early 2000's:

Internet video star Tay Zonday turned down a chance to make a video with Gilbert Arenas

Either the "Chocolate Rain" singer's asking price of $10,000 was too high or he didn't want to deal with Arenas' personality. Maybe both. Jake has more here.

That's all I have. Enjoy your weekends and let's extend that winning streak on Saturday vs. the Pistons!