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New season, new "D.C. Rising" anthem for the Washington Wizards

You may remember last year Wizards fan Alan Cole (picture herecame out with a "DC Rising" anthem for the 2014-15 season. As the Wizards prepare for a new season, he's back with a new version for the 2015-16 season.

Here are the lyrics:


DC Where you at? The League better take notice, because we on the map.
Them DC boys we rising tonight (2X)
Verizon Center hold it down, DMV we popping' because we on attack.
Them DC boys we rising tonight. (X2)
Ted Leonsis, I'm watching the game from the floor, I'm feeling like Ted Leonsis.
Them DC boys we rising tonight. (X2)
(feel like Ted Leonsis)
Got Verizon Center cheering,
other owners looking iffy tonight.
(Red, White, & Blue, Wizards about to get loose.) 2X


It's a new year, new squad, new team, same dreams.
Got one goal the wiz kids about big money and big rings.
They lost the truth, but trust me them boys ain't never lied.
That boy John Wall got the phone booth on fire. Underrated no hype, who cares.
When June comes around cigar smoke and confetti in the air. No championships man since 78'.
But this here our year (2X)
Bradley Beal the real deal, stepping back for three. Then Gortat pick & roll man knifing up the D.
Otto Porter is automatic China-town we all day. Can't forget about the big Brazilian down low call him Nene.