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Wizards vs. Bucks: Postgame Videos, Roll Call, and Pancake Spotlight

Check out the best comments and more from Tuesday's big win.

The Wizards won 115-86 on Tuesday over the Milwaukee Bucks. Even though the Wizards couldn't win fans an Egg McMuffin because they trailed 29-27 after the first quarter, they dominated the rest of the way.

Jared Dudley scored 13 points off the bench and made three three-pointers while Otto Porter and John Wall co-led in scoring with 19 points each.

Randy Wittman's postgame press conference is embedded above.

Postgame Videos

In addition to Wittman's conference, check out these postgame videos from Monumental Network:

Roll Call

We had 69 users comment 790 times in our first halfsecond half, and postgame threads as of 11:19 a.m. on November 18, 2015. Congratulations to Hands11 who commented 129 times last night during the big win!

Most rec'ed and most interesting celebration comments

Craig_ received 13 comments for classic pancake GIF's.

TOWWTC received 10 rec's for showing this GIF of John Wall and Alan Anderson doing a celebratory act of their own:

celebrate wall and aa

Pancake Spotlight: Arepas

After going off the poll from the Spurs win in early November, the next region of pancakes you wanted us to write a short blurb about was on Latin America.

Arepas are made of corn and are more delicate -- or likely to break up -- than buttermilk pancakes. These pancakes are native to South America, especially in Colombia and Venezuela. Since I like cooking my own pancakes, here's a recipevia so you can make them yourself.

And below is a YouTube video recipe on how to make them (in Spanish):

What free and discounted food did we win from Tuesday?

The Wizards didn't win you your third free Egg McMuffin this season because they were down 29-27 after the first quarter. However, they won and scored over 100 points last night so you now have your fourth #WIZ50 win from Papa John's Pizza.

And Giannis Antetopenguin I mean Antetokounmpo missed two consecutive free throws in the fourth quarter.

Therefore, if you went to the game yesterday, keep that ticket stub! You'll get your second free Chick-fil-A sandwich at most D.C. area locations until Tuesday, November 24. Just don't go there on Sunday. All of them are closed then.

The Wizards won't play again until Saturday when they travel to Michigan for a match against the Pistons. Until then, enjoy your discounted pizza today and I recommend that you savor that chicken sandwich until later this week.