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FanDuel: Use the Salary per Fantasy Point Per Game to help pick your one-day lineup

When picking your nine-player fantasy basketball lineups, make sure that you know how efficient your players are for the salary you spend to get them.

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Otto is one of the ten most expensive small forwards in FanDuel basketball Tuesday. He's also the most efficient at getting his points based on his FanDuel salary.
Otto is one of the ten most expensive small forwards in FanDuel basketball Tuesday. He's also the most efficient at getting his points based on his FanDuel salary.
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Also, even though this is a sponsored post with affiliate links, all of the opinions in this post are my own. And as an FYI, FanDuel gave me some cash to play its daily fantasy games.

There are seven NBA games on Tuesday, including the Washington Wizards' match against the Milwaukee Bucks at 7 p.m.

When designing your one-day fantasy lineup, it is always important to pick players who are going to play many minutes and average lofty numbers. In FanDuel, it's also important to combine this with a new stat that you'll have to calculate yourself. I'll call this figure the Salary per Fantasy Point Produced (hereon, Sal/FPP).

This stat could help you determine which players are more likely to be a better bang for your buck once all other factors are equal, such as the amount of playing time two players receive, and if their FanDuel Salary is very similar.

From here, I will show a graph for the 10 most expensive players for each position, their FPPG stats, and their Sal/FPP figures.

Point Guards

Player Team FPPG Salary Sal/FPP
Stephen Curry Warriors 50.3 $11,000 $218.69
John Wall Wizards 37.6 $9,200 $244.68
Kyle Lowry Raptors 38.5 $8,600 $223.38
Reggie Jackson Pistons 31.6 $7,600 $240.51
Ricky Rubio Timberwolves 34.4 $7,400 $215.12
Jeff Teague Hawks 31.1 $7,200 $231.51
Michael Carter-Williams Bucks 30.8 $7,000 $227.27
Kemba Walker Hornets 29.3 $7,000 $238.91
Jarrett Jack Nets 30.2 $6,400 $211.92
Mo Williams Cavaliers 26.6 $6,100 $229.32

The Skinny: Stephen Curry has led the Warriors to a franchise-best 11-0 record, and has scored at least 36.5 fantasy points in every game this season. Curry may not have the lowest Sal/FPP produced stat of the ten most expensive point guards, but he is as reliable of an option as any.

If you don't have gobs of money left over in your salary cap, Jarrett Jack is a great pickup at $6,400. He has scored over 40 fantasy points a game in each of his last two contests and will be coming off of two days of rest.

Based on this stat, you should avoid John Wall. He may be averaging nearly 38 fantasy points a game, but he is the least efficient player based on Sal/FPPG. The turnovers have hurt his numbers, and his star factor also increases his FanDuel salary. Yes, we all know he makes the Wizards a better team, but he's not a good option with FanDuel, at least right now.

Shooting Guards

Player Team FPPG Salary Sal/FPP
DeMar DeRozan Raptors 33.6 $7,800 $232.14
Bradley Beal Wizards 31.6 $7,300 $231.01
Giannis Antetokounmpo Bucks 31.1 $7,000 $225.08
Dwyane Wade Heat 29.1 $6,900 $237.11
Klay Thompson Warriors 24.8 $6,500 $262.10
Joe Johnson Nets 23.2 $6,300 $271.55
Eric Gordon Pelicans 27.3 $6,000 $219.78
Zach LaVine Timberwolves 22.4 $5,900 $263.39
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Pistons 22.3 $5,100 $228.70
Kent Bazemore Hawks 23.5 $5,100 $217.02

The Skinny: Don't pick Joe Johnson or Zach LaVine, despite their reasonable salaries on the surface. Otherwise, you can't go terribly wrong with any player on this list as long as they are playing. Bradley Beal, Klay Thompson, and Kent Bazemore are listed as game-time decisions on FanDuel.

Small Forwards

Player Team FPPG Salary Sal/FPP
LeBron James Cavaliers 46.9 $10,200 $217.48
Carmelo Anthony Knicks 38.3 $9,600 $250.65
Nicolas Batum Hornets 31.6 $7,200 $227.85
Andrew Wiggins Timberwolves 26.7 $7,000 $262.17
Danilo Gallinari Nuggets 27.4 $6,600 $240.88
Wilson Chandler Nuggets 24.6 $6,200 $252.03
Marcus Morris Pistons 27.5 $6,100 $221.82
DeMarre Carroll Raptors 21.8 $5,800 $266.06
Khris Middleton Bucks 23.5 $5,700 $242.55
Otto Porter Wizards 25.5 $5,500 $215.69

The Skinny: Otto Porter has the lowest Sal/FPP figure among the ten most expensive small forwards in FanDuel. He is definitely a player you want on your lineup. And if you're willing to overlook that he plays for the Cavaliers, LeBron James should be your other pick at this position given his efficiency.

Power Forwards

Player Team FPPG Salary Sal/FPP
Anthony Davis Pelicans 45 $10,900 $242.22
Paul Millsap Hawks 37.5 $8,300 $221.33
Chris Bosh Heat 36.2 $8,200 $226.52
Draymond Green Warriors 35.4 $8,000 $225.99
Kevin Love Cavaliers 35.8 $7,800 $217.88
Kenneth Faried Nyggets 28.1 $7,000 $249.11
Ryan Anderson Pelicans 26.2 $5,900 $225.19
Thaddeus Young Nets 28.3 $5,800 $204.95
Jabari Parker Bucks 12.9 $5,600 $434.11
Kristaps Porzingis Knicks 24.7 $5,400 $218.62

The Skinny: Jabari Parker will definitely be out Tuesday, so don't pick him for that reason alone. Even if he was playing, Parker's Sal/FPP is the highest by a considerable margin over all other players on this list.

Often times, when players cost $10,000 or more, their Sal/FPP will be below $230.00, but Anthony Davis' is at $242.22. That should make you wary of picking him if you already have a couple other players who have a salary of around $8,000 or more each. If you don't have too much salary cap left, pick Thaddeus Young and/or Kristaps Porzingis who make well below the $6,666.67/player average.


Player Team FPPG Salary Sal/FPP
Andre Drummond Pistons 46.6 $9,800 $210.30
Hassan Whiteside Heat 36.2 $8,300 $229.28
Greg Monroe Bucks 37.4 $8,200 $219.25
Brook Lopez Nets 34.5 $8,000 $231.88
Al Horford Hawks 34.9 $7,800 $223.50
Al Jefferson Hornets 26.9 $6,800 $252.79
Karl-Anthony Towns Timberwolves 32.6 $6,800 $208.59
Jonas Valanciunas Raptors 26.9 $6,100 $226.77
Marcin Gortat Wizards 23.7 $6,000 $253.16
Andrew Bogut Warriors 25.4 $5,200 $204.72

The Skinny: If you like starting your lineup with a big-time center, it's crucial that you select Andre Drummond obviously. If you don't have that money and still want a decent starting center, pick Karl-Anthony Towns or Andrew Bogut, whose Sal/FPP stats are lower than Drummond's.

Of the players on this list, you should avoid Marcin Gortat. Like Wall, he's quite expensive once you look at his efficiency. He is also the most expensive option for each point produced.