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Top Stories of the Week: The #KD2DC game, Beal's injury, and the Wizards' early season woes

Glad Tuesday's past us.

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I hope you've enjoyed a good second week to the month of November. The Washington Wizards, however, didn't . Anyways, let's go through our top storylines for the week.

The Wizards lose to the Thunder, 125-101 on Tuesday, host the Magic on Saturday

Check out our StoryStream for the preview, recap, and more. We weren't good and deserved to lose the game.

Bradley Beal missed Tuesday's game due to a bruised shoulder

He was originally questionable before Tuesday's game but missed it primarily for precautionary reasons. The good news is that Beal should be able to go Saturday against the Magic.

All the hot takes on #KD2DC

Tuesday's game and pre-game hype certainly filled had plenty of commentary from multiple folks. Despite the loss, I still believe that Wall will remain the number one franchise player for the Wizards if Durant were to wear Monumental Red next year.

Jake translated some remarks Durant had about "disrespectful" Wizards fans, and Bullet Nation in Exile read between the lines of those same remarks in a more matter-of-fact fashion.

Randy Wittman can grab rebounds in an NBA game as a 56-year-old man

Okay, not quite because it was through an NBA 2K16 simulation. But Jake put the Wizards' hot quote after Tuesday's game to the test when he indirectly but directly called out Marcin Gortat by saying this in his postgame presser:

"We don’t hit anybody and rebound the ball," Wittman said after the Wizards’125-101 loss at Verizon Center. "We got guys that play 27 minutes and get one defensive rebound. I can get a rebound. I guarantee you. You give me 27 minutes on Saturday, I’ll get you a rebound."

Virtual Randy scored 9 points, grabbed 5 rebounds, and 2 assists in a simulated version of Saturday's game to the Magic. The Wizards lost, but the ol' ball coach proved his point and then some.

Reviewing the end of the Hawks game last Saturday

L.W. took an in-depth look at how the Wizards fell apart against the Atlanta Hawks on the road. A must-read.

CSN will broadcast Wizards games on television until at least 2032

Monumental Sports has made light of the fact that the regional sports network is a good partner but the creation of Monumental Network in 2013 also made it clear that an all-online platform was a direction that the company was seriously looking at.

In the end, we saw a compromise of sorts. Monumental Sports will get over twice as much revenue for Wizards and Capitals games starting in the 2017-18 through 2031-32 seasons, and will receive a 33-percent stake in CSN Mid-Atlantic.

2032 is a long time from now. To put things in perspective, John Wall and Bradley Beal will probably both retire before then, considering that they started their careers in 2010 and 2012 respectively. I'll also be a couple years away from being eligible for AARP...

Marcin Gortat gave Wizards fans free tickets and dinner in Arlington via Twitter on Thursday

John Wall is well known for giving back to the community. However, Gortat is as engaging as anyone on the team as Jake notes.

Speaking about the dinner, I would've so tried to go if I didn't have another commitment yesterday....

Enjoy your weekends, and if you want to play some fantasy basketball -- and perhaps win some money -- here's a link to FanDuel for you to sign up. And of course, if there's another link you have, feel free to share it in the comments or in a FanPost.

Beat the Magic on Saturday!